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Learn how to schedule appointments and work with Partner's Scheduling Appointment Minder, "SAM"

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  • Introduction: Schedule in Partner with SAM

    Your provider's time is one of the most important resources of your office. Managing that time is vital. Partner's scheduling module is called sam, which is short for "Scheduling and Appointment Minder." The sam program is a patient scheduling system that finds the best appointment time for your patients while helping to ensure your provider's time is used well.

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  • Schedule Multiple Patients with SAM

    The steps below will demonstrate multiple patient scheduling and teach you all the tools you need to find the best openings for them quickly.
  • Review the Schedule in Partner

    There are tools built into sam that can help you review your schedule. There are also external scheduling reporting programs. The topics below will show you some of the different ways you can review your schedule for a provider or for your whole practice.
  • Review and Change a Patient’s Appointments in Partner

    Use inquire to look up a patient's future or past appointments. In inquire, you can make changes to appointment status or appointment notes, or cancel an appointment. Finally, you can reschedule any appointment in inquire, moving an existing appointment to a new date and time.