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  • Patient and Family Accounts in PCC Explained

    Partner is a family billing system. It stores information about every patient, but it also stores a database of accounts, or "families." A family account may be the custodian of the patient, the bill-payer for the patient (the "guarantor"), or both. Three siblings may all have one family account serving as both guarantor and custodian. That family account will be listed in Partner under a parent's name. Alternatively, children from a divorced family may have one family account assigned as the guarantor and a different account assigned as the custodian.

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  • Edit Patient Information in Partner Notjane

    The Patient Editor (notjane) manages patient information. You can run notjane to add a new patient to Partner, view an immunization record, research visit history, or read about a patient's major diagnoses and allergies.
  • Structured Notes Screens in fame, notjane, and oops

    The notes screens in the Family Editor (fame) and Patient Editor (notjane) are useful places to store information about interactions with patients or families. If you have an unusual billing situation with a family, you might use the notes screen in fame to store details.
  • Find Patients and Accounts in Partner

    Finding a patient or an account is the first step to many actions in Partner. Whenever you wish to post a payment, check an immunization record, or update demographic information, you must first find the relevant patient or account.
  • Edit Account Information in Partner Fame

    The Family Editor, fame, manages account information. You can run the Family Editor to add a new family to Partner, update family demographics, or enter notes about the account. You can also review an aged balance summary, run a collection report, generate account form letters, or review an account's transaction history.