Edit Patients and Families in Partner

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  • Edit Patient Information in Partner Notjane

    The Patient Editor (notjane) manages patient information. You can run notjane to add a new patient to Partner, view an immunization record, research visit history, or read about a patient's major diagnoses and allergies.
  • Structured Notes Screens in fame, notjane, and oops

    Account Notes help you store information about interactions with patients or families. If you have an unusual billing situation with a family, you might use the Account Notes component in PCC EHR, or a notes screen in Practice Management, to track the details.
  • Find Patients and Accounts in Partner

    Finding a patient or an account is the first step to many actions in Partner. Whenever you wish to post a payment, check an immunization record, or update demographic information, you must first find the relevant patient or account.
  • Edit Account Information in Partner Fame

    Before PCC EHR, PCC's under-the-hood Family Editor was used to edit account and family related information. Read this article to learn about "fame".