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  • Find Patients or Accounts in Partner

    Whether you are editing demographics or posting payments, most programs are run for a patient or an account (a family). When you start running a program, you will be asked to select a patient or family. The checkin and checkout (check out) programs offer lists of today's patients, but other programs ask for a name. You can also search by chart number, phone number, birth date, or several other variables, but the name is the easiest.
  • Function Keys in PCC Practice Management Tools

    No matter what Partner program you are running, the eight buttons across the bottom of the Partner window always correspond with F1 through F8 on your keyboard. The power of each key changes from program to program, but they are always labeled on your screen to help you understand their purpose.
  • Choose Your Partner Printer

    Your office may have a front-desk printer for receipts, a chart room printer for encounter forms, and a back office printer for everything else. When you log in, you may have printer needs that are particular for you, or particular for where you are working today.
  • Partner Windows

    After you have logged in to Partner, you will see the Partner Windows. These window menus can be customized for your office and for each user so they show exactly the programs you need most.
  • Open and Use Practice Management (Partner) Tools in PCC EHR

    Use the Practice Management window in PCC EHR to access various billing features and services in PCC’s Partner system. How to Open a Practice Management Window After permission is granted to a user role in the User Administration tool (see below), your PCC EHR users can use the Practice Management icon to open the Practice […]