Post Refunds

Use the refund program to make personal account refunds. You can also use the refund program to post other types of accounting adjustments.

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  • Refund Personal Credits

    If a family paid you for a copay that they did not owe, or if they pay you twice for the same visit, you may need to issue them a refund. In some cases, you can leave the amount as a credit on the account and link it to the family's next visit. If the credit needs to be returned to the family, however, follow the procedure below.

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  • Handle a Bounced Check and Post a Fee

    When your bank returns a check, you should note it in Partner and re-bill the patient's family. You can also post a bounced check fee, in accordance with your office's financial policy. Follow the steps below to learn one method of managing a bounced check in Partner.
  • Write-Off Outstanding Credits

    Sometimes a credit should be written off and counted as income for your practice. If a credit remains on your books for several years, the credit should be written off and considered revenue. You may choose to write off old insurance overpayments as well, recording them as income. To write off credits, post an adjustment in refund and then link the credit to that adjustment. Follow the procedure below.