Add and Configure Insurance Companies

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  • Add an Insurance Plan to Your PCC System

    When a patient or parent brings in a new insurance card, you can update their insurance policies quickly and easily. However, what if the insurance plan is entirely new to your practice? Maybe it is an existing plan (like BCBS), but it has a new address, copay amount, or payer ID. Follow the steps in this article to add a new plan to your PCC system.

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  • Insurance Tables Reference

    This article is a reference to the Insurance Companies table and the Insurance Groups table used in PCC software. You can edit both tables in the Table Editor (ted), found in the Practice Management interface in PCC EHR. Insurance tables contain information about the insurance plans on your PCC system, which are used for billing and reporting.
  • Edit HCFA Form Output (hedfe)

    The hedfe program is a HCFA/CMS 1500 form editor. It can configure both the layout and the content of claim forms. You can use the program to move form data around or change how it is filled out. Simple errors on claim forms can delay payment and cost your practice both time and money. Therefore it is important to understand how Partner fills out HCFA forms and how to make changes to your forms when necessary.
  • Override Provider Identifiers for an Entire Insurance Batch

    Do you need to replace a provider's identifiers on claims with a different provider's values, or implement other unusual claim configuration requirements? You can contact PCC Support for most claim configuration needs. PCC also includes an under-the-hood configuration program, Provider IDs (provids), which can override standard identifier information that appears on claims. Use provids to set an alternate provider for claims, or to enter custom values for the name, Taxonomy code, NPI, Tax ID, eligibility, or legacy ID numbers.
  • Tricare Merger: Become Credentialed and Enroll With Tricare East

    Tricare North and Tricare South are merging into a new entity: Tricare East. If your practice wishes to submit claims to military families who were on Tricare North or Tricare South, you must become credentialed and enroll for electronic claim services, eligibility, ERAs, and optionally electronic funds transfer.