Using Form Letter Variables

If you include variables in the text of a form letter, they will be replaced with actual data from a patient or account when you generate the letter. As you write your form letter, you can choose from over hundreds of fields of information in the various PCC databases. The available fields include names, insurance company information, aged balances, status flags, practice information, and even patient vitals and other information from the patient’s chart.

To use any field’s variable, place it in your form letter between a greater-than (<) and less-than (>) symbol:

        Your child, <patname2>, is overdue for an MMR shot!

When printed, the above text will include the patient’s full name.

        Your child, John T. Canning, is overdue for an MMR shot!

Each of the variables have a unique name which indicates the information that it will bring to your letter. Here are some examples of variables:

patnamePatient’s full name – lastname first
patname2Patient’s full name – first name first
p.firstPatient’s first name
p.lastPatient’s last name
p.lastphyPatient’s last physical
p.relnPatient’s relation to billpayer
p.sexPatient’s sex
p.agePatient’s age
p.flagsPatient’s flags
p.flagPatient’s highest priority flag
anameGuarantor Account’s full name
aladdr1Guarantor Account’s first address line
a.totbalGuarantor Account’s total balance
a.pendbalGuarantor Account’s pending balance
a.balinsGuarantor Account’s YTD insurance payments
a.budgamtGuarantor Account’s budget amount
c.notes1Custodial Account’s notes, line 1
c.bnotes1Custodial Account’s bill notes, line 1
c.copaynotesCustodial Account’s copay notes
i1.nameInsco 1’s name
i1.certInsco 1’s cert num
i1.startInsco 1’s start date

For a complete list of available variables, press F6Help in waffle and then press Page Down until you reach the Variables section. You can also view the list online: Form Letter Variables List.

Below is a sample HIB immunization letter that was written using waffle. Notice how variables are used in both the header and the text of the letter:

Dear <aname>, 
In checking our records, we have discovered that <patname> 
has not received any HIB immunizations and is therefore at 
risk.  Please call (802) 123-4567 between 9AM and 5PM for an
 appointment to have your child immunized. Thank You.
  • Last modified: March 6, 2018