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The 2018 PCC Users’ conference was held in Denver, Colorado. Click below to download the course descriptions, schedule, or the handout materials provided for each course.

Course Descriptions and Handouts for Individual Courses

Course Title Course Description
A Practice Evaluation in 60 Minutes (CEU) Join Chip Hart as he channels his ADHD for 60 minutes and highlights all of the places he looks when a customer calls him to say, “We’re in trouble…” This course is designed to review the many and broad revenue problems in your practices, it should be both fun and enlightening for any and all practices. Instructor: Chip Hart
A/R Collection Strategies (CEU) Join PCC’s Jan Blanchard and Lynne Gratton, as well as Tracy Harter from PedsOne and ask any questions you have about A/R Collection Strategies. Instructor: Moderator: Chip Hart
Avoiding Bottlenecks in Patient Flow (CEU) PCC’s Jan Blanchard and Lynne Gratton will lead this discussion on maximizing revenue, time efficiency and patient and staff satisfaction. Your hosts will make recommendations for schedule arrangements, staffing ratios and visit prep that can minimize obstacles to a smooth patient flow experience. Instructor: Jan Blanchard, PCP, CPMA & Lynne Gratton, CPPM, AAPC Fellow
Best Practices for Reducing Expenses: It Starts With Best Savings (CEU) Is your overhead to high? Are you paying to much for things like medical supplies, vaccines, and credit card processing? How do you know? This presentation will provide tips, tools and resources to evaluate these expenses. Armed with this evaluation we will guide you through the process of maximizing savings. And reduced expenses equal lower overhead and more profit for your practice! Instructor: Ken Fenchel, MA, PA, IPMSO
Build Your Brand! (CEU) What does your practice identity say to your patients and the community? How do you and your staff emulate that identity? Haven’t given it much thought? Then it’s time to build your brand. Learn how to assess what your logo, name and staff behavior says about your practice, and implement steps for developing a clearer vision that translates into a strong brand. Instructor: Susanne Madden, MBA, CCE, The Verden Group
Charting for CQMs in PCC EHR Clinical Quality Measures are referenced by PCMH, Meaningful Use, and other incentive programs. Learn how PCC EHR can help you reach your CQM goals. Instructor: Jim Leahy
Claim Submission and Medicaid Medicaid claims differ from their commercial counterparts in a number of ways. While this course will not have the time to explore individual state-by-state requirements, it will cover a number of areas common to most Medicaid submissions. This includes the use of provider IDs, taxonomy numbers, claim identifiers, attachments, the patient’s relationship to the subscriber, EPSDT referral codes, and more. With some basic configuration and a better understanding of some useful Partner tools, you can help to improve your Medicaid claim acceptance rates. Instructor: Randy Lavin
Clinical Interoperability: Health Care Data is on the Move What is interoperability? And why is it important for your practice and your patients? This session will answer these questions and explain the variety of ways in which PCC EHR allows you to exchange data with third parties today. We’ll also take a peek at the future of interoperability in both the industry and PCC EHR. Instructor: Jen Marsala, CSM, PMI-ACP
Clinical Reports: Use Data to Meet Your Practice’s Clinical Goals Discover the growing suite of PCC’s clinical reports and learn how to make the most out of the Report Library. Instructor: Dan Gillette
Create Your Strategic Plan (CEU) Most great companies, health care practices included, have a fundamental difference that sets them apart, something that gives them security and direction in challenging times and helps them perform above industry standards. They have an agreed upon, specifically defined higher purpose: a strategic plan. This pragmatic session leads attendees through the specific steps of developing a strategic plan for their practice. Instructor: Tim Rushford, PedsOne
Delivering on Your Practice Culture Through Engaged Employees (CEU) Your staff is the face of your practice, and not every applicant with the required skillset is the right fit. Learn how being intentional with your practice’s culture during the human resource processes of interviewing, hiring, and training can improve your chances of hiring an employee who will carry out your practice’s mission and vision as well as reinforce the practice culture you have so carefully crafted. Practice culture not living up to your expectations? We will discuss how you can transform your practice culture through those same human resource processes, engaging employees and therefore improving customer service. Instructor: Whitney Smith, IPMSO
Destination: “Connected” Pediatrics (CEU) In the eyes of a family choosing a pediatric practice, what makes you special, different, impactful? How do you compare to Urgent Cares, Retail-Based Clinics, and the myriad web-based virtual parenting resources? In this course, Todd Wolynn, MD, of Kids Plus Pediatrics will discuss creating a pediatric practice as both a physical and a virtual DESTINATION. Imagine the families in your community coming to your practice not just for “sick” and “well” visits, but also for play groups, birthday parties, health and wellness classes, exercise, and friendships! Instructor: Todd Wolynn, MD, Kids Plus Pediatrics of Pittsburgh, PA
Disaster Preparedness for Medical Practices (CEU) Think it can’t happen to you? Whether it does or does not, you can take simple steps to protect your practice and your staff from the unthinkable. Learn how to develop disaster plans, set protocols to implement in an emergency, and have a patient and staff communication plan ready-to-go when you need it. Instructor: Susanne Madden, MBA, CCE, The Verden Group
Disaster Recovery (CEU) What do you do when the worst happens? A panel of PCC clients who have experienced a disaster will share their experience and talk about how they recovered. Learn what it’s like to put a disaster plan into action, and hear strategies for reacting to disasters both expected (a hurricane) and unpredictable (a fire). Panelists: Debra Shepard, MD, Lighthouse Pediatrics of Naples and Kelly Paul, C. Samson Tumacder, M.D. Instructor: Moderator: Lynne Gratton, CPPM, AAPC Fellow
Effective Recruiting: Finding the Right People (CEU) Many health care practices are confronted with high turnover rates and human resource challenges. This session will provide information, specific tools and techniques to help health care practices large and small find staff. We will demonstrate screening methods that quicken the hiring process and boost employee retention rate. Attendees will learn solutions including templates, “wicked good” interview questions, and assessment tools that fit the right person to the right position. Instructor: Tim Rushford, PedsOne
Employee Accountability (CEU) What are the best practices for preparing, communication, and documenting Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) for your employees? Join Michelle Richards as she helps define progressive discipline, and discusses how to decide when it’s time to stop coaching and start disciplining individual employees. Instructor: Michelle Richards, BSHA, CPC, CPCO, CPMA, CPPM of Coding & Compliance Experts, LLC
Employee Benefits Discussion (CEU) How do you create a salary or wage structure for a busy pediatric practice? Does your health plan reflect the values of your practice? Come talk with other practices about the challenges we face when defining employee benefits, and share tips and success stories. Instructor: Moderator: Jan Blanchard, PCP, CPMA
Evaluate Employees Effectively (CEU) Come learn how to develop a valuable employee appraisal tool. Michelle Richards will show you how an employee evaluation can motivationally impact your employees. You’ll learn three common management mistakes when completing evaluations, and how to create a less-frustrating, more consistence performance appraisal process. Instructor: Michelle Richards, BSHA, CPC, CPCO, CPMA, CPPM of Coding & Compliance Experts, LLC
Front Desk Best Practices (CEU) PCC’s Lynne Gratton, CPPM, explores front desk best practices related to scheduling, check-in, insurance verification and copay collection. Understand the importance of the front desk when it comes to your practice’s workflow and collection process. Instructor: Lynne Gratton, CPPM, AAPC Fellow
General Session: PCC Road Map Review A tour of PCC’s upcoming Roadmap: What we are developing for you right now, and our plans for the second half of 2018. We will cover PCC EHR, Practice Management, the Report Library, the Dashboard, Patient Portal, pocketPCC, the Appointment Book and PCC eRx as well as Interoperability features that will enable you to connect with new organizations, services and applications, continuing to expand on opportunities for delivering improved patient care. Instructor: Paula VanDeventer, PMP, CSM
General Session: PCC Year in Review & Updates to PCC Software What’s new at PCC? New faces, new ideas, and new features and services! Join Scott Ploof for PCC’s year in review. You’ll learn about the best new tools and advancements in PCC software since last year’s UC, and you’ll also learn what’s been changing in the PCC community. Scott will also advise you on courses you can attend to take better advantage of PCC’s products and services. Instructor: Scott Ploof, CSM
Growing Your Business (CEU) Can your practice have a greater impact on the health and well-being of your community, while also thriving financially? Come join PCC’s Randy Lavin and a panel of experts to learn strategies for growing your patient population. We’ll talk about how to form community relationships with OBs and other specialities, how to examine your practice’s geography and location for opportunities, and investigate the optimal timing for increasing your clinician count and support staff. Panelists: Ahmed Monib, Springtime Pediatrics and Krekamey Craig, MD, BCD Health Partners, LLC Instructor: Moderator: Randy Lavin
HIPAA Check-Up: Are You Protecting Patient Health Information? (CEU) While HIPAA is a very broad topic, maintaining HIPAA compliance can be quite simple. Come hear about small changes you can make around your office to ensure HIPAA compliance. Instructor: Lauren Gluck, PMP
How to Determine the Value of Your Practice (CEU) No matter the circumstances, every owner of a pediatric practice will have to divest their interest at some point. Whether it stems from retirement, disability, divorce or death, the practice needs to ensure they have a proper valuation before the need arises. Join Paul Vanchiere from Pediatric Management Institute as he shares a practical way to determine the value of a pediatric practice. Instructor: Paul Vanchiere, PMI
Improve Patient Education (CEU) Join PCC’s Tim Proctor and Jan Blanchard for a roundtable discussion about ideas for improving patient education in areas such as insurance benefits, financial policies, and their own care management. We invite you to consider ways that educating your patients and families on both financial and clinical aspects can save you time and even reduce call volume. Instructor: Tim Proctor & Jan Blanchard, PCP, CPMA
Improve Your Practice Health with PCC’s Practice Vitals Dashboard Your PCC Practice Vitals Dashboard displays key metrics about your practice to keep you informed of its financial and clinical health. Join us for a tour of PCC’s Dashboard, focusing on a variety of important financial and clinical measures. Hear how practices have used the Dashboard to monitor quality improvement efforts within the practice. During this interactive session, you’ll also have the opportunity to review your own Dashboard under the guidance of PCC experts. Instructor: Tim Proctor
Improve your Practice Website (CEU) Learn why it is important to update your practice website and see it as an extension of YOUR brand. Understand how using digital content and story telling will boost your practice brand, engage your patient and patient family audience and deliver tangible Return On Investment (ROI). Instructor: Bettina Dold, M.S.
Improving HPV Vaccination Rates (CEU) There are approximately 14 million new HPV infections in the United States every year — about 50% of them in 15- to 24-year-olds. Join us as Christoph Diasio, M.D. from Sandhills Pediatrics will share how his practice moved from a low HPV vaccination rate to a top-performer. You’ll also learn how you can use PCC’s Dashboard to monitor your HPV vaccine rates and see how you measure up to your peers. Instructor: Christoph Diasio, MD, Sandhills Pediatrics, Inc., Tim Proctor
Insurance Billing Workflow: From Claim to Paid (CEU) PCC’s Lynne Gratton, CPPM, will introduce PCC’s newly developed best practices for insurance billing. We’ll cover how to check eligibility, post charges, submit claims, and verify submission. Along the way, you will learn tips and tricks to improve your day-to-day workflow. Instructor: Lynne Gratton, CPPM, AAPC Fellow
Integrating Mental Health Services at Your
Practice (CEU)
Join the discussion and hear how PCC practices have become a better medical home to their patients by integrating mental health services. We’ll discuss when it makes sense to bring mental health services in-house, and which type of specialist you should consider hiring. Hear the experiences of other practices as they share how to bill for mental health and what it took for them to get this valuable service covered by public and private payers. Whether you are considering offering mental health services to your patients, or are looking to expand mental health offerings, join us to hear how practices are filling this need in their community. Panelists: Christoph Diasio, M.D., Sandhills Pediatrics, Inc. and Nathan Morgan, Pirate Pediatrics, PA Instructor: Moderator: Randy Lavin
Medical Home as Process Improvement Model (CEU) There are many benefits inherent in transitioning to the Patient Centered Medical Home model, but you may not have considered the process improvements that come as part of that transition. Learn how adopting PCMH principles can make your practice more efficient, run more smoothly and maybe even save your sanity! Instructor: Susanne Madden, MBA, CCE, The Verden Group
Minors and Risk (CEU) Come join Dean McConnell, Esq, and learn the common areas of confusion when working with minors and how to avoid legal errors. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to recognize the common legal issues facing healthcare providers involved in treating minors as it applies to consent for treatment, access to medical information, and reporting obligations. You’ll also hear about legal changes, how to apply rules at your practice, and strategies you can use to comply with this complex area of law. Instructor: Dean McConnell, Esq., COPIC
Navigating Social Media for Your Pediatric Practice (CEU) Whether you are just starting on social media or are looking for some tips to update your approach, this class will provide you with goals for a social media strategy or some ideas on what content to share, what information to include on your page, how to track the success of your postings and how to stay engaged with your patient and family audience. Instructor: Bettina Dold, M.S.
No Show Reduction Every pediatric office deals with ‘No Show’ appointments. Join this discussion group to explore the reasons why people miss their appointments, as well as to suggest possible solutions for these issues. We will discuss existing tools which may help reduce the number of missed appointments (recaller, notify, etc), and will also be looking for software enhancement requests to help streamline other solutions into your work flow. Instructor: Randy Lavin & Lynne Gratton, CPPM, AAPC Fellow
Obesity and Chronic Disease Management (CEU) 20% of American teens are classified as obese (CDC). What strategies can your practice use to tackle this epidemic? Join a panel of experts and learn about motivational interviewing, how to incorporate a nutritionist into your practice, and more. Panelists: Roger Hovis, El Paso Pediatric Associates, Julie Bokser, MD, Tamalpais Pediatrics Instructor: Moderator: Tim Proctor
Optimizing PCC EHR: Workflow and Configuration Improvements You Can Use Today Take advantage of features in PCC EHR that can streamline your workflow, providing your clinicians and staff with more time to focus on delivering healthcare. This course will highlight the most useful enhancements and demonstrate how to take advantage of them in your office. Topics will include Care Plans, Clinical Alerts, custom forms, and many more! Instructor: Jim Leahy
Order Workflow Roundtable How do you keep track of outstanding referrals? Who processes lab results at your practice? Come share how your practice uses PCC EHR for orders, and learn tips and tricks from others on generating, tracking, transmitting, and receving orders. This interactive course will help you generate new ideas that will streamline your use of PCC EHR. Instructor: Facilitator: Lauren Gluck, PMP
Oversight Reporting: Using Data to Make Practice-Level Decisions As a managing physician or practice administrator, have you ever wondered which reports you should be monitoring regularly to ensure the practice is operating successfully? This session will highlight PCC’s robust Dashboard and practice management reporting capabilities, focusing on reports that will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your practice. Discover the numbers that really matter and how to find and track the information you need most. A practice session will give you the opportunity to review your own practice’s results. Instructor: Tim Proctor
Patient Engagement (CEU) Join Chip Hart and a panel of experts to learn proven strategies for creating and maintaining close communication with parents and teens. We’ll examine a variety of communication methods for connecting with families through gamification, Facebook, and more, and share great tips for keeping patients engaged with your practice. Panelists: Ahmed Monib, Springtime Pediatrics and Debra Shepard, MD, Lighthouse Pediatrics of Naples Instructor: Moderator: Chip Hart
Patient Portal and Care Plans PCC’s Jim Leahy gives a short demo of the newest features in PCC’s patient portal, as well as how to use Care Plans in PCC EHR. Instructor: Jim Leahy
PCC EHR Roundtable Discussion Instructor: Lynne Gratton, CPPM, AAPC Fellow & Jim Smith
PCC EHR’s Appointment Book: Scheduling Made Easy The Appointment Book in PCC EHR is a powerful, visual scheduler. With new features including multi-provider, multi-location support and reserving time slots for visit reasons, your practice may be ready to change scheduling software. Come see the latest features and enhancements and learn how to configure your schedule. Instructor: Bryan LeMoine
PCC eRx 101: Prescribing Made Easy In this course you’ll learn how to find the features you need to prescribe quickly and efficiently. You’ll get a tour of PCC eRx components, learn how to set pharmacies, and how to review and update allergies and medication history. You’ll discover the best practices for fast, accurate prescribing. Instructor: Lauren Gluck, PMP
PCC eRx 201: Optimizing Your Prescribing Experience PCC practices have written over one million prescriptions using PCC eRx in the past year! Come prepared for a discussion of Best Practices, learn new tips & tricks, and share your own secrets for customizing this flexible and powerful solution. Appropriate for Intermediate and Advanced users. Instructor: Morgan Ellixson-Boyea, CPhT, CSM
PCC Practice Management Roundtable Discussion Instructor: Brian Kennedy & Bryan LeMoine
PCC Resources for PCMH Are you working towards Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition, or renewing your recognition status? The sheer volume of NCQA’s PCMH requirements and reporting needed to achieve PCMH recognition can be daunting. Join us as we identify PCC reports and functionality useful for practices seeking PCMH recognition. We’ll discuss reporting requirements in the new 2017 standards, and we’ll introduce you to PCC’s web-based tool that breaks down each PCMH element. You’ll see report screenshots and examples other PCC offices have used to help satisfy PCMH requirements. Instructor: Tim Proctor
PCC Roadmap Playback and Voting After the morning’s general session on the PCC Roadmap, come join us for further discussion, sneak peeks of upcoming features and an opportunity to provide feedback on PCC’s solution designs. This course includes the always popular Voting Session! We combine a group exercise of rapid brainstorming with a chance to wander among the “voting booths” to cast your votes for your favorite enhancements. The Roadmap Session encourages participation at any level. Let us know if we’re on the right track, share what your office wants most, and become a part of PCC’s planning process at the highest level! Instructor: Paula VanDeventer, PMP, CSM
Pediatric Coding Best Practices (CEU) Whether for billing, referrals, lab requisitions, or something else entirely, identifying just the right medical codes can be time consuming. Jan Blanchard will share her approach to quickly finding the most accurate CPTs, ICDs and SNOMEDs for any purpose. Instructor: Jan Blanchard, CPC, CPMA
Pediatric Coding Updates (CEU) Pediatric coding expert Donelle Holle, RN is back to tell you all about the latest changes to pediatric CPT and ICD-10 coding. Donelle will review the 2018 CPT changes and what to document in each level of office visit. You’ll gain a better understanding of how to bill for visits and procedures, and learn how coding changes can help your practice stay compliant with insurance requirements as you maximize your payment. Donelle will also field your questions related to pediatric coding, so bring your list of queries and raise your hand high. Instructor: Donelle Holle, RN, Peds Coding Inc.
Pediatrician as Advocate (CEU) The health of our patients, families, and communities is under attack from many sides. Mild-mannered pediatricians — known for corny jokes, funny stickers, and goofy socks — might not possess an Infinity Stone, but we still have an incredible power: our families’ trust. Trust may not make us superheroes, but it can make us Super Advocates. We have the power to combat Anti-Vax Conspiracists, Slash-Happy Legislators, and even Diabolical Marketers. In this session, presented by Dr. Todd “Faster Than a Trending Tweet” Wolynn, you’ll hear about the importance of becoming a Pedia-Advocate. Instructor: Todd Wolynn, MD, Kids Plus Pediatrics of Pittsburgh, PA
Personal Collections Best Practices (CEU) PCC’s Jan Blanchard focuses on the personal collections process, helping you determine which personal balances to collect first, how to capitalize on opportunities to collect overdue balances, and when to send an account to collections. Instructor: Jan Blanchard, PCP, CPMA
Physician Partnership Compensation Models (CEU) Developing a fair compensation model is an ongoing struggle for many pediatric practices. The varied skills, personalities, productivity levels, experience, lifestyle demands, and non-financial contributions of those involved are just some of the factors that add to the challenge of finding the right physician compensation model. We will share pediatric productivity benchmarks and discuss different ways to accurately measure productivity as well as basic compensation model structures to get you thinking about potential models that could work for your practice. Instructor: Chip Hart
Pivotal Relations – How to Bring Out The Best in Employees (CEU) Providing timely and appropriate feedback is the secret ingredient to successful relationships within a pediatric practice. Join Paul Vanchiere from Pediatric Management Institute as he shares practical steps for you to guide your team to meet (or exceed) your own expectations. Instructor: Paul Vanchiere, PMI
pocketPCC and Immunization ACK messages PCC’s Randy Lavin gives a short demo of the newest features in pocketPCC, as well as the new Immunization Registry Response Viewer in PCC EHR. Instructor: Randy Lavin
Practices Can’t Afford to Get Human Resources Wrong (CEU) Small physician practices without a dedicated Human Resources employee or HR consultant can make costly mistakes with employees. Learn about five common HR mistakes: not understanding FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) issues, not properly verifying employee eligibility or exclusion status for work in the U.S., not paying employees correctly, not creating or implementing the right policies, and poor documentation. Instructor: Michelle Richards, BSHA, CPC, CPCO, CPMA, CPPM of Coding & Compliance Experts, LLC
Protocol Configuration Best Practices PCC EHR’s chart notes are a ribbon of powerful components that you can use to meet your practice’s workflow needs. Come chat with us about your protocol tips, tricks, and best practices to save time and chart smarter. Panelists: LeCresha Harris, First Choice Pediatrics and Jill Valuch, DO, Eden Park Pediatrics Instructor: Moderator: Lauren Gluck, PMP
Small Practice Roundtable (CEU) Are you a startup or small practice with 2 or fewer clinicians? Come to this discussion about challenges you face and share your experiences. Instructor: Facilitator: Jim Leahy
Telemedicine and PCC With Telemedicine gaining popularity, we want to invite you to learn more about PCC’s telemedicine roadmap, where we see PCC’s telemedicine products fitting into your practice, and hear from practices who succeed at being paid for Telemedicine services. If you have not looked at the Patient Portal, aka MyKidsChart, or pocketPCC in a few months, you have missed many recent changes. Get a tour of what’s new, see what is on the road map, and get an overview of how telemedicine can benefit your practice. Panelists: Hiral Lavania, MD, One Family Pediatrics and Melissa Schwartz, MD, Olney Pediatrics Instructor: Jan Blanchard, CPC, CPMA
The PCC Experience, Your Way PCC provides your practice with a wide array of services, from free unlimited support & training, a dedicated Client Advocate, to onsite consults and chart audits. Come learn about all the services we offer to ensure your office is maximizing your PCC Experience. Instructor: Lisa Legge, CPPM & Bryan LeMoine
When to Add a New Provider (CEU) Practices need to consider many operational and financial aspects before they add a new provider. Join Paul Vanchiere from Pediatric Management Institute as he shares practical considerations before taking the plunge to add a new provider. Instructor: Paul Vanchiere, PMI
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