Track and Work on Outstanding Claims

Insurance claims are not always paid, and insurance carriers do not always send you an explanation. Therefore, you need tools to track and work-down your outstanding claims. The topics below explain Partner’s tools for claim work.

  • Insaging, an A/R Overview: The Insurance Company Aging Report (insaging) provides an overview. It summarizes how each of your insurance groups are performing and explains your outstanding accounts receivable.

  • Inscoar, Claim-by-Claim Details: The Insurance Company Accounts Receivable Report (inscoar) is a detailed, charge-based report for breaking down your outstanding claims and working on them. It includes an optional interactive mode for jumping directly to other Partner tools.

  • Resubmit Claims in Oops or maketags: After identifying and fixing claim problems, you can resubmit claims for a single visit from the Correct Mistakes (oops) program. You can resubmit claims by provider, insurance company, procedure, or other criteria using the maketags program.

  • Last modified: July 10, 2019