The Sam Detailed View: Review Appointment Details, Remove Blocks

Who booked an appointment on your screen? Why is a unit of time double or triple-booked? The Normal View only shows basic information about each unit of time. Use the Detailed View to review a busy schedule, as well as double-book or remove blocks.

The Normal view in sam displays several columns with basic information. The Detailed View shows a single day with lots of information about each time slot.

Select a date column in the Normal View and press F8 to switch to the Detailed View.

Reading the Detailed View

The Detailed View shows complete information about every appointment and every time slot. Each time slot on the left hand side of the screen has an explanatory section on the right hand side. For each time slot, you can review the number of appointments, amount of time booked and blocked, and complete appointment information (including notes, scheduler, and when scheduled).

In the image above, you can see that there are two visits scheduled at 10:00am. The user “ginger” made both appointments on 09/29/04, and you can see that the first visit may include a flu and tetanus shot.

Actions On the Detailed View

Review the Schedule

If you want to look around the schedule, press F4Next Available to walk down through all the available openings.

Or, use your arrow keys to move up and down through each unit of the day. Press the right and left arrow keys to view different days.

Schedule an Appointment

When you find the appointment time you want, press F1Schedule Appt.

Overbook or Force an Appointment

You can select and examine any day or time in the Detailed view, even a day that is fully booked and has no available times.

Use the arrow keys to select an unavailable time and press F1 to force in an appointment.

Permissions Configuration: Permission to double-booking or force in an appointment can be limited to specific users. If you can not double-book and need to, speak with your office’s system administrator or contact PCC Support at or 1-800-722-1082.

Remove Blocks

You can select and remove blocks on the Detailed view. For example, if your allotted time for physicals is fully booked, you may decide to remove a sick or recheck visit block so you can fit an extra physical.

Use the arrow keys to select a block and press F5Remove Block to remove it.

This key only appears on the screen when you have selected a block appointment, like a sick call block.

Permissions Configuration: Permission to remove a block can be limited to specific users. If you can not remove a block but need to, speak to your office’s system administrator or contact PCC Support at or 1-800-722-1082.

Switch Time Frame or Criteria

While you are viewing the Detailed View, you are working with a single provider and your original time frame and criteria.

If you wish to change your search criteria or switch providers, press F2New Time Frame.

You can also press F7Day View and switch providers on the Day View.

New Normal View Based on Selection

If you would like sam to search for new times based on the date you have selected in the Detailed View, press F6Set New Criteria. sam will take you back to the Normal View with your newly selected time and date as a starting point for your search.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015