The Sam Day View: Force in Appointments, Review All Providers

The Day View displays a provider’s appointments for a day as well as how busy each provider is on that day. You can review your office’s schedule and book appointments in any time slot. You can jump to a date that is unavailable or full and force in an appointment, a feature unavailable on the Normal View.

To reach the Day View, press F7Day View from the Normal View. Note that if you use F8 from any scheduling view, you will cycle through the three different scheduling views.

Reading the Day View

The Day View screen is divided into two parts.

The Provider’s Schedule

On the left is a simple view of the selected day for the currently selected provider. Each unit of time shows an abbreviated visit reason, a patient name, and any amount of blocked time or open time.

Use your arrow keys to move up and down through the day. Press F3Previous Day, F4Next Day or F5Jump To Date to view other days.

Summary for All Providers

A provider schedule summary, or “workload” summary, is on the right hand side of the screen. For each clinician, you can see the total number of free and scheduled minutes.

The currently selected provider and the shift you are reviewing will be highlighted.

In the example shown, an 8:45am visit is selected, and on the right hand side you can see that this is with Dr. Bugles, working in the office, during his morning hours of 8:30am to 12:00pm. You can also tell how much time during each part of the day is already scheduled and how much is still free. For example, in the afternoon Dr. Bugles has 180 minutes free and has six scheduled appointments for a total of 90 minutes scheduled.

Configuration: PCC can configure which of your clinicians you would like to appear in this list and whether to sort the list alphabetically or by available time.

’What: *[/keycap]) for?’]You may notice an asterisk next to a provider’s name and an explanation at the bottom of the screen that you can not schedule your current visit reason for the indicated provider. This happens when the visit reason you chose does not have a visit length listed in the table editor (ted). sam does not know how much time that provider needs for the visit. To schedule for that provider, you will need to press F2New Time Frame and enter a visit length.

Actions On the Day View

Review the Schedule

Use the up and down arrow keys to move up and down the day’s schedule or the list of clinicians. Use the right and left arrow keys to move between the two panels.

As you select a clinician on the right-hand side, the panel on the left will change to display that clinician’s schedule. You can therefore use the Day View to quickly review the entire day’s schedule for all clinicians in all locations.

Schedule an Appointment

You can use F1Schedule Appt to make an appointment at the selected time.

If the clinician is not available, or the appointment will not fit in the selected slot for some other reason, the key will read F1Force in Appt.

New Normal View Based on Selection

You can jump to any date, select any provider in any location, and then press F6Set New Criteria to return to the Normal View with new criteria.

If you press F8Normal View instead, sam will assume you were “just looking” and return to your original date and provider.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015