The Letter Selection Screen

The screen above shows a typical list of patient form letters in waffle. For each letter, waffle displays two important pieces of information:

  • Form Letter Name

    The title for each form letter. The title will appear in various programs that generate form letters.

  • Send Output To

    The printer command used when the letter is printed. This is generally a “spool” command, and it may indicate a specific printer in your office. Contact PCC for help if you need to change the printer command.

From the Letter Selection Screen, you can perform the following tasks:

F1 – Save and Quit

Press F1 to save any changes you have made and exit waffle.

F2 – Advanced Commands

Press F2 to see options to clone, delete, or share the selected letter.

F4 – Edit Letter

Press F4 to edit the selected letter. waffle uses your preferred text editor, either fred or vi.

F5 – Edit Ques

Press F5 to add or edit questions that are attached to the selected letter. Read the Adding Special Questions topic for more information.

F6 – Help

Press F6 to view a help screen containing useful information for writing form letters in waffle.

F7 – Stock Letter

Select a new, blank letter and press F7 to automatically add basic practice information and the date variable to the letter.

F8 – Append Choices

Select a new, blank letter and press F8 to automatically add a selection of commonly used Partner variables to the end of the letter. You can then edit the letter and use the appended variables in the letter’s text.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015