Share a Form Letter

After putting a lot of thought, time, and effort into designing a particular form letter, you may wish to share your form letter with other Partner users around the country. You could print a sample letter and fax it to your friend, but then they would have to retype the letter in waffle on their system, and any special questions or other associated files would not be transferred.

The Share feature helps you send your form letter, along with all associated files, to another person. Follow this procedure to send any Partner form letter to another Partner client:

Select a Form Letter

Select a form letter to share by using the up and down arrow keys.


F2 – Advanced Commands

Select Share Letter and Press Enter

The waffle program will prepare your form letter and any associated files.

Press Enter

You will see a confirmation screen indicating that the files are ready to be sent. Press Enter to continue.

Fill out the “Mail-To” Screen

  • Mail To: Enter the e-mail address of the person to receive this message. Separate multiple addresses with commas.

  • Subject: Enter a subject line for this message. A default subject is created for you, but you can override this with a message of your own.

  • Optional Message: Write a comment or message for the recipient. You may wish to describe the form letter. This message will be the text of your e-mail message, the letter will be sent as an attachment.

Press F1

After filling in the fields, press F1Send Form to send the e-mail message with your form letter, or press F12 to abort and quit.

Press Enter to Finish

A confirmation screen will tell you whether or not the message was sent successfully. Press Enter to return to the list of form letters.

Note: Would you like to practice sharing a form letter before sending it to other people? Try sharing a letter to your own e-mail address.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015