Review a Log of Patient Insurance Policy Changes

When your practice updates a patient’s insurance policies, your PCC server logs what was done, when it was done, and by whom.

You can use the under-the-hood Policy Log (policylog) tool to review a log of all changes ever made to a patient’s insurance policies.

If an insurance policy was accidentally deleted or changed, you can run policylog to review the patient’s past insurance records. You can also review exactly when a policy was added to a patient’s record, which may help explain a billing problem.

Run Policy Log

Policy Log is a program that runs in the Practice Management interface. There are two ways to run policylog:

  • You can run policylog while viewing a patient’s policies in Partner. First, press the right arrow key:

    Next, press F4Policy Log.

  • You can also run policylog as a stand-alone program from a custom entry in your Practice Management windows. Contact PCC Software Support for more information.

How to Read Policy Log

The policy log is a list of entries that describe changes made to a patient’s policy record. The entries are displayed in reverse-chronological order, with the most recent changes listed at the top.

You can press Page Down and Page Up to scroll through the entries page-by-page, or press the down and up arrow keys to scroll through the list one line at a time.

Each entry in the log describes one action. For each action, policylog displays a header with the user who made the change, the date and time the change occurred, and a description of the change.

The header shown above indicates that the user “guest1” added a new primary policy on Friday, April 6th, at 5:37pm.

The body of each entry shows the details of the policy affected by the change.

The primary policy that guest1 added was a BCBS policy with a $15 copay.

More Complex Changes: When a plan is moved or modified in some way, the body of the entry will include a “Before and After” section to show the change that was made:

In the example above, guest1 changed the certificate number on the BCBS plan from 333333333 to 444444444. The policy’s start date was also changed from 1/01/2007 to 3/01/2007.

Modified or Expired?: Policy expiration is shown in policylog with a “MODIFIED” header. When you expire a policy, policylog records that as a modification.

Search the Log of Insurance Policy Changes

If a patient’s insurance record has been changed several times, it can be difficult to find specific information. Press F8Search Pattern to perform a search.

After typing a search term, press Enter. The results of your search will be highlighted and the screen will automatically scroll to the first search result.

Press F7Search For Next to jump to the next result.

  • Last modified: November 16, 2023