Review an Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

An ERA is an electronic version of the traditional EOB. Instead of receiving a printed, paper explanation of payments and adjustments, an ERA arrives electronically and payment is sent separately or deposited directly into your practice’s bank account. ERAs appear along with other reports on the main EDI Reports (ecsreports) screen.

You can select an ERA and view it, print it, or search it just as you can other EDI reports. You can also open the Automatically Post Insurance Payments (autopip program and select and post ERAs automatically. If you wish to post manually in the Post Insurance Payments (pip) program, you can select one or more ERAs and press F2Print Selected.

On the screen, an ERA looks like this:

Use the right and left arrow keys to view the parts of the report that extend off the screen.

A printed ERA looks like this:

After you print an ERA, the value in the “Number of Times Printed” column will increase.

  • Last modified: December 14, 2015