Remove Partner SAM Scheduling Blocks

If you are trying to schedule for a busy day next week, you may decide to remove some of the upcoming sick blocks early. If a previously scheduled meeting is canceled, you may want to remove a block that was placed to prevent scheduling during the meeting. How do you remove scheduling blocks?

There are three ways to remove blocks:

  • The Remove Sick Call Block (rmscb) program

  • The Detailed View in sam

  • Block Inquire (binquire), run from scan or addblock

The rmscb program removes all blocks of a certain type for a certain date range and provider. To remove only a few blocks, however, you should find them in the Detailed view of sam or use binquire. Both methods allow you to see blocks in the context of your schedule and the doctor’s IN and OUT times, and they allow you to remove only the specific blocks that you select.

Note: Read the Partner Scheduling Manual to learn how sam can remove blocks. To use binquire, follow this procedure:

Remove Blocks With binquire Through scan

Run scan or addblock

Run scan from the Daily Operations window or by typing scan at a command prompt.

Choose a Provider and Date

Enter a provider and a date for which you wish to remove blocks. You can type T for today’s date.

Review the Schedule, Press R

While viewing a day in scan, press R to remove blocks, and then press Enter. You will see a list of the provider’s blocks for that day:

  1) 15 mins. at  3:15pm, for a Sick Call Block   2) 15 mins. at  4:45pm, for a Sick Call Block

Press F3 to Confirm

Press F3Delete Appts.

Select Block

Enter the number listed next to the block(s) you wish to remove. You can enter several numbers separated by a space or a range of numbers with a hyphen.

Press Enter and Review Results

Press ENTER to redraw the screen and see the blocks you have deleted.

  • Last modified: August 29, 2018