Receive and Install a Shared Form Letter

When someone shares a form letter with you, it will arrive as an attachment to an e-mail message. You will be able to read the e-mail message the sender used and see the form letter attachment. You can preview the form letter and then add it your own set of waffle letters.

Limitations: Previewing and installing shared form letters only works in the pine e-mail program. If you use elm or a graphical e-mail program (like Thunderbird or Apple Mail) you will have to run pine to receive the form letter attached to the message. You can learn about pine by reading Pine Internet and Network E-mail, or you can contact PCC support and they will load the shared letter into your system for you.

Follow this procedure to preview and install the shared form letter:

Run the pine E-Mail Program

Run pine from the Electronic Mail window or by typing pine at a command prompt. If this is the first time you are running pine, you may see a greeting message and should press E to exit the greeting.

Open the INBOX Index

Press I to visit the index of messages in your INBOX.

Select the Message With the Form Letter

Press the up or down arrow keys to select the e-mail message that contains the attached form letter.

Press Enter to View the Selected Message

Read the E-Mail

The e-mail message should identify the contents of the attachment and tell you how to start pine and how to preview and install the form letter. A message entered by the sender may appear at the bottom of the e-mail.

View Attachments and Select the Form Letter

Press the greater-than sign (>) key to list the pieces of this e-mail message, including the attachments. The form-letter attachment (File/X-FORMLETTER) should be highlighted.

Press Enter to View Details

Form letter details will appear, indicating the type of file being sent (Account Form Letter or Patient Form Letter), the letter’s name and the system that sent it. A complete list of all the attached files will appear (one form letter might be made up of several smaller files).

Optional: View the Letter Before Installing

pine will ask you if you wish to view the form letter before installing it. Press Y for “Yes” or N for “No” and then press Enter.

If you choose “Yes,” your system will use the information from one of your patients, along with his/her guarantor account, to fill out the form letter and present it to you on screen. You can preview the entire letter by pressing Page Up and Page Down. When you are finished previewing the document, press Q to quit.

Install the Form Letter

Finally, pine will ask you if you wish to install the form letter. Press Y for “Yes” or N for “No” and then press Enter.

If you choose Yes, the form letter and its files will be added to your system.

Close waffle First: Form letters can not be received if any user is currently using the waffle program. The install program will check for other waffle users and tell you which user is currently using waffle

Press Enter to Return to the Message, Q to Quit pine

You can verify that the new letter was installed by running waffle and looking at the list of Patient or Account form letters.

The new letter will begin with the word “NEW,” so you should select it and give it a more appropriate name. You can edit the letter by pressing F4Edit Letter.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015