Quickstart: Run Waffle and Edit a Form Letter

Follow the procedure below to start waffle and make a basic change to an existing form letter. Then read the sections below to learn about all of waffle‘s advanced features.

Start waffle

You can start waffle from the “Partner Configuration” window or by typing waffle at a command prompt.

Choose the Type of Form Letter to Edit

The first thing waffle does is ask if you want to work on an Account, Patient or Referral form letter. The Account Letters are the letters that you can print through the Family Editor (fame), which generally deal with billing, insurance, and other account related issues. The Patient Letters can be printed through the Patient Editor (notjane) and deal with appointments, immunizations, or other patient related topics. Referral form letters are forms printed from the referral program.

Select a Letter

Use the arrow keys to pick a form letter you would like to edit.


F4 – Edit Letter

Edit Your Letter

The letter will open in a text editor window. Use the arrow keys to move around the screen and edit the text.

You may encounter Partner variables or other text that is in an unfamiliar format. Read the Advanced Form Letter Formatting section to learn more.


F1 – Save & Quit

Press F1 to save your work and return to the list of letters. From the list of letters, press F1 again to save and quit waffle.

Partner comes with several sample form letters already installed. You can use the procedure above to quickly rephrase sentences or add paragraphs to the default letters.

Now that you know how to open a form letter and edit it, read the remaining sections to learn more about the tools and variables available for your form-letter creation.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015