Post Charges with a Snap Code

You can use a Snap Code while posting charges to automatically select procedures and diagnoses.

What are My Practice's Snap Codes?: For information on creating a Snap Code, or to learn about reviewing your office’s Snap Codes in the Table Editor (ted), read Create or Edit a Snap Code.

Enter a Snap Code

While posting charges during checkout, enter a Snap Code in any procedure field on the charge posting screen. The procedures and diagnoses for that code will appear automatically.

You should review the procedures and diagnoses that appear, how they are linked, and check the number of units entered.

You can search for a Snap Code using the asterisk symbol (*) or by typing the first few letters of the code.

The search will find any Snap Codes before it locates procedures. Any matching items will appear if you are using an asterisk.

Snap Codes work great for procedures that always go together, such as supplies. You can also use Snap Codes to post most of an entire visit (and then make any additions or corrections).

Not Enough Room?

If the Snap Code causes the list of procedures to go off the edge of the page, you can review additional procedures by pressing F3Additional Procedures.

You can press F3 to toggle back and forth between the initial and secondary lists of procedures.

Can I Make Changes? Undo, or Re-Enter the Snap Code?

After using a Snap Code, you can make changes to any of the procedures or the number of units for each procedure.

You can also erase the procedures and diagnoses and begin again. Simply move the cursor to any field and press the End key to wipe out the contents.

Edit the Snap Code for Future Use

If you decide that a Snap Code needs an additional procedure to be useful, or you need to adjust the number of units that are selected automatically, you can edit your practice’s Snap Codes.

Any changes you make to the Snap Codes will not effect visits that are already posted.

  • Last modified: October 29, 2015