Place Scheduling Blocks: CSCB

Editing the list of blocks in the template files has no effect on your schedule. You must run the Consistent Sick Call Blocker (cscb) to put the templates in place, creating the blocks.

Before you place your newly revised blocks, you should run the Block Removal Program (rmscb) using the options in the block window shown below. Otherwise, you run the risk of placing blocks for dates that already have blocks.

Follow this procedure to remove your blocks and then place them:

Select Option to Remove Blocks

Choose the “Remove…” option that is appropriate for the blocks you are running.

Enter Dates

Enter the start and end dates for when you plan to place blocks. In the following example, the user is removing blocks for the summer so they can place their newly revised summer sick blocks.

Welcome to the Block Removal Program!
Please type the start date: 06/01/04
Now enter the end date: 09/01/04

Press Enter after typing each date.

Choose Providers

Select the providers for whom you wish to remove (and place) blocks. You can press F3Select All to choose all providers, or you can use F2Select to mark each provider individually.

Review and Confirm Choices

The block remover will warn you before continuing:

OK, Here’s what I have:
I’m going to remove all of the following block types:
Sick Call Block
between 06/01/04 and 09/01/04 for the following providers:
Beverly Crusher, M.D.
Victor Von Doom, M.D.
Leonard McCoy, M.D.
Is this OK?

Review your choices and type Y if you wish to continue.

Run Blocking Option

Next, select the Consistent Blocker option that is appropriate for the blocks you wish to place.

Choose Providers

Enter the providers for whom you wish to place blocks.

                         Consistent Sick Call Blocker
Sick Call Block
Enter one or more Provider IDs: c d m

Be sure and enter the same providers you selected when removing blocks. You can type “all” for all providers. You can abbreviate and add multiple providers by using a space between each initial, as shown.

Enter the Same Dates

Next, enter the same start and end dates you used when removing blocks.

                         Consistent Sick Call Blocker
Sick Call Block
Enter one or more Provider IDs: Dr. Crusher, Dr. Doom, Dr. McCoy
Enter the start date: 06/01/04
Enter the end date: 09/01/04

As soon as you press Enter, the computer will start placing your blocks. It may take a few minutes if you are placing blocks for an entire season or have many providers.

Review Log

The cscb program will print a log to your default printer that shows all the times you blocked.

Check Results in the Schedule

Run the scan report for each provider and confirm that the blocks were placed correctly. If they were not, review the block files and repeat the process. You can also run sam and try scheduling within the blocked dates to see if your blocking plan is working.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015