Place Schedule Blocks: ESCB

Using escb, you can handpick times you want blocked for each week. Enter a date, a time frame, and the provider’s name, and escb will block that time for you. This is convenient for offices whose blocking times change quite often, because escb allows you to personalize the blocking schedules on a daily basis.

Some offices use escb in combination with cscb. This allows them to quickly insert the bulk of their sick blocks and then fine tune those days on which they need to add additional blocks. If you use both cscb and escb, remember that running rmscb will remove all blocks of a specific type, regardless of which program you used to place them. PCC can set up a version of escb for each block type, if needed.

Note: As with cscb, you should place your extended blocks several months in advance to avoid conflicting with scheduled appointments.

The following procedure will show how to add additional blocked sick time for three providers. For example, if one provider has vacation planned, you might want to block extra sick visit time for the other providers.


Start the escb program from the SAM Setup window shown above or from the command prompt by typing escb.

Review Default Times

The following screen will appear:

The blocking times that appear in the left-hand column may differ or may not appear at all. These times are defined for your office in the Configuration Editor (ced). If no times appear, you may enter your own custom times for the blocks you need.

Enter Date of Relevant Week

Enter the desired date in the first date field underneath the day of the week. Partner will automatically populate the dates for the rest of the week.

Enter or Edit Default Times

If there are no times in the left-hand column, add the block times you need. Or, you can revise the times that do appear. As you enter block times, escb may try to guess whether you mean a.m. or p.m., so be attentive to what appears.

Enter Provider Name on Grid

Move to the field in the grid that matches the time and date of the block you wish to create. Enter the provider’s name or initial.

In the above image, one-hour blocks will be placed in the mornings for three different providers on three different days.

Enter Blocks for Other Providers on Other Days and Times

Fill in each of the fields that correspond with the blocks you need. Enter a provider’s name in each one. You can only use a single provider in each box. If you need to give two providers the same block time, use an empty line at the bottom of the screen to re-enter the block time.

Press F12 to Quit Without Saving

If you decide you do not want to place any blocks, press F12 and follow the screen prompts to quit escb without placing any blocks.

Press F1 to Save

Otherwise, press F1Save to save all the blocks you have entered. escb will insert the indicated blocks into the providers’ schedules immediately.

Return to Add More, or Quit

escb will then ask if you want to go back and add more blocks. Answer Y or N.

Review Log, Check the Schedule

After you quit the program, escb will print a log to your default printer that shows all the times you blocked. You can also check the scan report or samview to see the blocks you have placed.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015