New User Training for the Partner Practice Management Suite

Are you getting started with Partner? You can use the videos and links below to walk through all the basic tools of Partner. Contact PCC Support to learn about more training opportunities.

Log In and Use Partner

Log in to the Partner server, move among the Partner windows, find patients and accounts, and use the function keys in Partner.

Edit Patients and Accounts

Use Partner to edit accounts and patients.


Schedule patients appointments, review patient schedules and make changes.

Triage Phone Calls in Partner

Record incoming calls, take notes, follow-up and report on phone encounter notes.

Note: If your office uses PCC EHR, these links do not apply. Read about Phone Notes in PCC EHR instead.

Check In Patients

Use the checkin program to update demographic information, review insurance eligibility, and post today’s payment when the patient checks in.

Check Out Patients (Post Charges)

Review and post diagnoses, procedures, and time-of-service payments, prepare insurance claim.

Post Payments and Adjustments

Post personal payments, refunds, and other account adjustments.

Correct Mistakes

Review billing history, adjust claim information and resubmit a claim, edit or delete charges and payments.

  • Last modified: July 3, 2019