New User Training for PCC EHR

Are you getting started with PCC EHR? You can use the videos and links below to walk through all the different features of PCC EHR. Contact PCC Support to learn about more training opportunities.

Watch the Basic PCC Workflow Videos

How do you schedule, check a patient in, update patient records, and chart a visit? These videos will help you master these essential practice workflows.

Learn Other Features Important To Your Role at Your Practice

To dig deeper, watch and learn about features that matter most to your job or role at your practice.

For more, visit the Videos section of PCC Learn.

Charting Overview Video Series

What about a complete walk-through of PCC EHR’s structure and charting features? This series is a little out-of-date, but gives you more details on patient flow:

Written Documentation for New Users

Use the links and browsing tools in to find more information. Here are some sections that may be especially helpful to new users:

Contact PCC Support at 1800-722-1082 or to learn about other training opportunities or to scheduled configuration training.

  • Last modified: December 19, 2018