Log Form Letters in Account History

Partner can keep track of which form letters were printed for a family. If you are negotiating with a family that does not pay their bills, it may be useful to know when they were sent a “90 Day Overdue” letter. The logletter tool makes form letter tracking automatic.

For example, your office may decide to record in the account history whenever an account is sent a “Collections” letter. By adding an “execute logletter” line to the letter, the account history will automatically indicate when the letter was generated and include a custom note.

As with billing messages, you can configure these form-letter log messages to appear in the Account History (tater), Remove Mistakes (oops), or even to show up on the family’s personal bills.

Editing a Form Letter for Logging

You can configure a form letter for logging in a few simple steps. Follow this procedure:

Open Your Form in waffle

From waffle, select the letter and press F4Edit Form.

Move Your Cursor to the End of the Document

Press Page Down until you reach the bottom of your form. The logletter command can appear anywhere in the letter, but placing it at the bottom is useful for consistency.

Note: If you see the “/f/c” codes in your letter, make sure that you enter text above those codes. PCC Support uses “f” and “c” codes to control carriage returns and line feeds as your document prints.

Add the logletter Command

Add the following text to your letter:

<#execute> logletter <a.pcc> “Message Text Here” 	

Replace the “Message Text Here” with whatever message you want to be posted in the account’s history. For example, if you are logging a Collections letter, you might want the logletter line to look like this:

<#execute> logletter <a.pcc> “Printed COLLECTIONS letter” 	

Press F1

After adding the text, press F1Save & Quit to update your letter. After you quit waffle, printing the letter will automatically add your message to the relevant account history.

Review the Partner form letters that your office uses, and add an appropriate logletter command to every form letter you want tracked. You can log any letter appearing in waffle.

Patient letters are logged to the guarantor account’s history, so you may want to further customize your logletter message to include the name of the patient:

<#execute> logletter <a.pcc> “Printed Referral Form for <patname>”

Configuring Where Logs Appear

Now that your system is tracking certain form letters, you should consider where you want the form letter logs to appear. You may choose to have them appear in Remove Mistakes (oops), Account History (tater) reports, and even on your personal bills.

Follow this procedure to set where form letter logs appear:

Run the Table Editor (ted)

ted is located in the Partner Configuration window. You can also run it at a UNIX prompt by typing ted.

Select table #25, Billed Messages

Choose item #3, Form Letter

Choose Where Messages Appear

Select places where you want to see your form letter messages appear:

                       Show in Remove Mistakes?                Show on Personal Bills — White?                 Show on Personal Bills — Form?             Show on Account Histories — Brief?          Show on Account Histories — Standard?          Show on Account Histories — Detailed?

Note: You can ignore the “How should this action be shown?” field, logletter ignores that question and uses the “Message Text Here” text instead.

Save and Quit

Press F1Save And Quit and then exit ted by pressing F12.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015