Review and Update Immunizations in Partner

Each patient chart contains an immunization record, which you can review in PCC EHR.

If your practice uses Partner and does not use PCC EHR, you can still track and review a patient’s immunizations record. It will be based on charges posted during checkout, or immunization records that your practice entered manually. If immunizations are tracked consistently, Partner can produce automatic school forms and warn a provider that a patient may be missing an immunization.

For information about the patient’s immunization record in PCC EHR, read Review and Update a Patient’s Immunization Record.

Read the sections below to learn about Partner’s imms and nimms programs, used for tracking and reporting on a patient’s immunizations, along with other immunization features found in Partner.

Review and Print and Immunization Record in Partner

Families often need immunization records for school or camp. You may also need to quickly check on what date a patient had a certain immunization. Follow the procedure below to run imms, review dates, and generate a school form.

Run imms

You can run imms from the Patient Editor (notjane) and Phone Encounter Notes (pen) programs.

You can also type imms at a command prompt and then enter a patient name.

Review Immunization Dates

The imms program lists every type of shot your practice has ever performed. There will be several pages of immunizations:

Dates appear next to every shot that this patient has received, assuming the record is kept up-to-date. Press Page Down to cycle through each page.

Print an Immunization Record

Press F2School Form to print an immunization record. The immunization record will map all of the different shots to specific immunizations. You won’t see “Measles” as well as “MMR,” as Partner knows that an MMR injection counts for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella.

A sample school form appears below.

Press F12 to quit imms

EHR or Paper Chart Record: If your practice uses PCC EHR, then the Partner immunization record will include all immunizations recorded in the patient chart. If you use a different EHR, or use paper charts, then the Partner immunization record can only reflect immunizations billed by your practice. You should compare the Partner immunization printout with the patient’s chart record before giving it to them. The patient chart is the formal medical record for a patient.

Add an Immunization to a Patient’s Record in Partner

There are several ways to add an immunization to a patient’s immunization record using Partner.

Automatic Charge-Based Immunization Records

Whenever a user posts an immunization procedure in the Charge Posting (checkout) program, Partner updates the immunization record for the patient. If a user has already added the immunization using another method, Partner is smart enough not to add a duplicate record.

If you need assistance configuring automatic immunization records, contact PCC at 1-800-722-7708.

Add a Date Manually in imms

You can manually add an immunization to the record simply by entering a date next to the appropriate immunization:

You can enter the date without slashes; Partner will format the date for you.

Add an Immunization With Details in imms

If your practice records manufacturer, lot number, and other immunization details in Partner, press F8Add New Immuniz in imms to add an immunization with details. The screen will change to allow for the additional information:

Press Tab or Enter to move among the fields. No fields are required; enter only the information that your office collects.

Press F1Update Record to save the new immunization entry. Press F12 to return to the imms screen without saving.

Add Multiple Immunizations With Details in nimms

If you often give several immunizations and immediately record detailed information in Partner, you should use the Nurses Immunization Editor (nimms). The nimms program can be added to your Partner Windows or can be run from a command prompt.

The Nurse Immunization Module

The Nurse Immunization Module (nimms) is a Partner program for rapidly entering immunizations after (or before) administering them. The nimms program makes it easy to enter multiple shot information and record provider, date administered, shot site, lot number, and manufacturer.

For information about ordering and administering immunizations in PCC EHR, read the Orders in PCC EHR help articles.

Nimms Quickstart: Enter Multiple Immunizations

Follow the procedure below to run the Nurses Immunization Module (nimms) and enter immunization information for a patient.

Run the Nurse’s Immunization Editor

PCC can add nimms to your Partner windows for easy access, or you can run it from a command prompt by typing nimms.

Select or Find a Patient

The first screen of nimms displays an appointment list, as in the checkin and checkout programs. Select a patient from the list and press F1Enter Imms. You can use the left arrow key to select a previous day.

Note: You can also press F2Find Patient to select a patient using an encounter form’s magic word or to search for any patient in your practice.

Enter Immunization Information

Note: Your current manufacturer and lot number may appear after you enter the name of the immunization. Partner stores the most recent shot information used at your location. If you use multiple lots at once in your office, press F4Select Lot to review them.

Press F1 to Save

When finished, press F1Update Record to save the information and move on to the next patient.

The nimms program provides a fast and easy way to begin recording and storing extra immunization information. Be sure and contact PCC if you’d like us to add nimms to your Partner windows or have configuration questions.

Print Labels of Immunizations (nimmlabels)

If your office uses the Nurses Immunization Module (nimms), you can print custom labels, containing all of the additional immunization information, using the nimmlabels program.

Some offices track shots in a paper chart and use nimmlabels to create immunization stickers. Whenever you add a new immunization with nimms or with the F8 key in imms, a label is queued to print.

Run nimmlabels

You can run nimmlabels from a command prompt or ask PCC to add it to your Partner windows.

Review Queued Labels

You will see a list of labels that are ready to print, with the total number queued at the top.

You can open this program from time to time and check if you have a full page of labels. If you print labels on sheets of twenty, for example, you may want to wait until the number of queued labels is a multiple of twenty.

Optional: Press F8 to Change Label Format

Press F8Edit Label to edit the label design. The default label contains all of the information on the nimms screen: patient name, date of service, provider, immunization, manufacturer, and lot number. If you are familiar with using variables in waffle, you can edit the label yourself. Otherwise, contact PCC for help editing your labels.

Press F1

Press F1Print Labels to begin printing the labels.

Select the Type of Labels

Review the labeler screen and select the type of labels to print. If you’d like to add more Avery or other label options, contact PCC support and we can help you set up new label formats.

Press F1

Press F1Generate Label to generate the labels. The labeler will offer to print a test page of labels (to make sure they line up), and then ask for confirmation to print all of the labels.

Verify Labels Printed

A final screen will ask you if the labels printed correctly. If you experienced printing problems, press F12. Otherwise, press F1Confirm Labels to approve the printed labels and return to the main screen.

Once you have printed and approved your labels, Partner clears out the queue of labels to print. That means you will not be able to reprint them later, so make sure you are satisfied before pressing F1.

Configure the Nurses Immunization Module

Before you can use the Nurses Immunization Module, you may need to enter your immunization manufacturers, immunization sites, and other information into Partner. You may also wish to tweak how your appointment lists display patients.

Configure Nimms Tables

Just as Partner keeps a list of insurance companies, procedures, and providers, it also keeps a list of immunization manufacturers and immunization sites. These tables can be found in the Table Editor (ted).

Below is a complete list of all the Partner tables that affect the behavior of nimms immunization management. Contact PCC Software Support for help reviewing your tables.

  • Imm Manufacturers

    This table contains the options for the Manufacturer field in the imms and nimms programs. You should look at this table and add any manufacturers from whom you order immunizations.

  • Imm Sites

    This table contains the options for the Site Administered field in the imms and nimms programs. Each site can have a name and a short name, for easy data entry.

  • Providers

    This table contains the options for the Provider of Service field in the imms and nimms programs as well as other programs. If you use nimms to record non-physician providers that give shots, you may need to add them to this table if they are not already on it.

  • Immunization and Disease Table

    You should not have to edit this table. It lists immunizations and diseases, along with procedures or diagnosis that cause the immunization to be recorded. Each entry also shows the last manufacturer and lot number entered for that immunization. It is not necessary to update this information here, as it will be updated when a user enters the first immunization from the new lot of shots.

  • Place of Service

    This table contains the options for the Place of Service field in the imms and nimms programs, as well as other programs.

Configure Nimms Appointment List

The list of patients that appears when you run nimms works the same way as the appointment lists in checkin and checkout. Read the configuration section of the Appointment Lists guide to learn how to change which appointments appear on the nimms pick list.

  • Last modified: April 12, 2023