Form Letters in Partner

Partner can generate form letters, drawing information from a patient or account record. Partner includes a series of “fill in the blank” letters, and when you generate a letter, Partner automatically enters the correct information.

For example, you might send physical recall letters reminding families to call and schedule an appointment. You could also send account balance letters or collection notices. If your office moves, you may want to generate an information letter for all active patients.

You can generate form letters from within the Patient Editor (notjane), the Family Editor (fame), Partner’s recaller program, or the Personal Money Tracking Assistant (persview). You can create a single form letter at any time, or you can configure a form letter, such as a HIPAA policy statement, to print out automatically for each appointment.

Create or Edit a Form Letter

When you want to create a new form letter in Partner, fax a copy to PCC Support. We can help you figure out the best way to create a form that meets your office’s needs.

Edit and Maintain in Partner

Partner has a built in form letter editor: waffle. The waffle program is a powerful, friendly form-letter editor that makes it easy to edit your existing form letters or create new ones from scratch.

PCC Support can help set up your letters in waffle and also train your staff to edit and update them as needed. When your letters are in waffle, you can make changes quickly on your own.

Create a Form Letter in a Word Processor and Export to PDF

If you have particular style and layout needs for your letters, you may decide to create your form letter in another program.

Some practices edit all of their form letters in a word processor, export a PDF file, and then send the file to PCC Support to have the form added to Partner.

Form Letter Editor Documentation

In the articles below, you can learn how to run waffle and edit a letter, create new letters with Partner’s variables, format your letters to include bold text and other typefaces, and add additional questions to your letters that Partner will ask when a letter is generated. This document will also show you how to share your form letters with other clients around the country using waffle.

Read below to learn how you can use waffle. Contact PCC at <> or 1-800-722-1082 with any questions.

  • Last modified: April 12, 2016