Find Patients or Accounts in Partner

Whether you are editing demographics or posting payments, most programs are run for a patient or an account (a family). When you start running a program, you will be asked to select a patient or family. The checkin and checkout (check out) programs offer lists of today’s patients, but other programs ask for a name. You can also search by chart number, phone number, birth date, or several other variables, but the name is the easiest.

Here is what finding a patient by name looks like in all Partner programs:

In the example above, the user entered “Flin” as the last name and Partner found members of the Flinstone and Flint families. The user could then press Enter to open the first record or enter the number next to the desired patient.

Find Patients by Birth Date: You can find patients by birth date instead of account. Enter the birth date into the First Name field in any program and press Enter.

There are lots of tools for finding patients and accounts. For example, you can automatically recall the last patient you worked with or find their siblings.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015