Eliminate Lost Billing Revenue with Visits by Billing Status Report

Use the Visits by Billing Status report to find visits that were lost in your billing workflow.

Your practice faces two large obstacles to revenue cycle when it comes to billing. The provider needs to apply billing codes to the visit, and the billing department needs to post the charges. It is easy for a disconnect to occur between these two critical points.

What happens when the provider gets behind in their charting, or loses track of which visits still need to be billed? Billers generally post charges in Partner on a daily basis. Billing staff may look back manually at individual days to find late charges, but it’s a time consuming process, and charges can be missed. Ultimately, this results in lost revenue.

Use the Visits by Billing Status report to identify billing issues so that you can address them before they become serious problems. The report can be filtered by provider, billing status, posting status, and location (for multi-location practices).

Example: Identify Late Billing from the Previous Week

If your doctors are late doing the billing process in PCC EHR, how can you catch those old visits and make sure they are billed? Use the Visits by Billing Status report to find all the visits in the past week that were completed in PCC EHR but were not posted in Partner.

Open the Visits by Billing Status Report

From the Reports menu, select Report Library, and then click on the Visits by Billing Status report.

Enter Visit Criteria

Enter a date range for your search. You can also optionally filter by provider, type of visit, and/or location.

Select the Billing and Posting Statuses

Based on the selections made in these two fields, the report can show all visits for the time frame, visits that were billed in PCC EHR but not yet posted in Partner, or visits that have not yet been billed or posted.

Click “Generate”

Click the “Generate” button to run the report.

You can print or export the list to a spreadsheet program for further data analysis. You can also click “Back” to return to the criteria screen and adjust the output.

By using the Visits by Billing Status report, you can find visits that were missed from your billing workflow and make sure that the claim heads out the door.

  • Last modified: May 31, 2017