Edit and Manage Block Template Files

The Consistent Sick Call Blocker (cscb) is the most commonly used tool for placing blocks. It takes a list of blocks and places them for the dates you enter. Before you run cscb, you should review and revise the template file that contains the list of what blocks will be placed. First you edit the file that describes the blocks, then you run cscb to place those blocks.

While you can edit the template files from a command prompt, PCC recommends you ask us to set up a window with all of the blocking commands. This will help eliminate error and simplify the blocking process. A sample window is below:

Use the “Edit” commands, shown in the sample window above, to edit the templates for both sick and permanent blocks. If you also use recheck blocks, you will see options for editing rechecks in the same window. If you have different sets of sick call blocks for the summer and the winter, PCC can add options for each season, as shown above.

When you select an option to edit a block file, you will see a file filled with lines you can add to, edit, or delete:

mccoy,spock~mon,tue,wed,thu,fri~1:00pm~1:15pm mccoy,spock~mon,tue,wed,thu,fri~2:00pm~2:15pm mccoy~mon,tue,wed,thu~3:00pm~3:15pm mccoy~mon,tue,wed,thu~4:00pm~4:15pm

The format for each line is very straightforward.

provider~day~start time~end time

Each line has four fields separated by tildes (~). These four fields represent, in order:

Provider NamesEnter provider last names, separated by commas
WeekdaysEnter days of week, separated by commas
Start TimeEnter either standard or military time
End TimeEnter either standard or military time

In the example above, you can see that Dr. McCoy reserves the first fifteen minutes of each afternoon hour (1:00pm to 1:15pm, etc) for sick time. Dr. Spock only needs sick time reserved at 1:00pm and 2:00pm. Dr. McCoy does not want 3:00pm and 4:00pm times on Friday reserved, however, as the office has experienced fewer sick visits on Friday and decided to keep the afternoon open for any visit type.

Note that the provider and weekday fields can contain more than one item, separated by commas. This saves time when configuring for several providers who plan to have the same blocking times everyday.

As you edit your own templates, remember that any unit of time that is not blocked will be available for any visit type. If no physical is scheduled in a unblocked physical time, the slot will be available for a recheck or sick visit. The sam program strives to use all of the provider’s time in the most efficient way possible.

Note: If you leave time open between blocks, and the time is shorter than your smallest visit reason, then nothing can be scheduled there until one of the adjacent blocks disappears.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015