Create Partner Schedule Profiles for Each Provider (profile)

The Provider Profile Machine (profile) sets the work hours for each provider. Run profile when you need to edit providers’ IN and OUT times.

Appointment Book or SAM Scheduling?: This article covers the profile tool in Partner. In PCC EHR, work hours and preferred visit types are handled with templates. For information on setting up provider templates for scheduling, read Configure the Appointment Book.

What is a Profile?

A profile is a set of hours for a provider, consisting of IN and OUT times. A provider’s regular profile might be, “Mondays through Thursdays, 8-11am and 1-5pm, and 9-11am on Saturdays.” Every provider will have a “Regular” profile, but they could also have a Winter, Hospital Rounds, or other profile for situations in which a provider uses a well-defined set of hours.

Here are the three ways you work with profiles in Partner:

  1. Create new profiles in the Profiles table in the Table Editor (ted).

  2. Edit a profile’s hours in the Provider Profile Machine (profile) as described in this manual.

  3. Run the Provider Schedule (scrod) to assign a profile to specific dates.

When Do You Need an Alternate Profile, When Do You Not?: If a provider almost always works hospital rounds on Tuesdays, coming into the office at 10am, then you don’t need a special profile for the provider’s Tuesdays. A start time of 10am on Tuesday can be part of the provider’s Regular profile. If a provider’s hospital rounds vary from day to day each week, however, you could set up a special profile where they started at 10am every day, and then use scrod to assign that profile to the correct dates as soon as you know the provider’s hospital schedule.

Similarly, you could create a winter hours profile for each provider, allowing you to easily switch to seasonal hours without changing the regular hours.

If you want to easily switch a provider to a pre-defined set of hours, a special profile is useful. When you need to change the working hours of a specific day, however, just run the Provider Schedule (scrod) program and use the Strange Hours feature.

Edit a Profile

Follow these steps when you need to change a scheduling profile:

Run profile

Run profile from the Scheduling Configuration window in your Partner Programs window, or by typing profile at a command prompt.

Choose a Provider

Type the name or initial of the provider whose hours you wish to adjust. Enter an asterisk (*) to select from a list of providers.

Choose a Profile to Edit

Enter the name of the profile you wish to edit.

All providers have a Regular profile, which is frequently used as the system default. Enter an asterisk (*) to select from a list of other profiles in your system.


F1 – Edit Profile

Set IN and OUT Times and Location

Enter the IN and OUT times for the provider for each day of the week. If you have more than one scheduling location, include the abbreviation for the place the provider will be seeing patients. A sample is included at the top of the screen.

In the example above, the “9:30am-12:30pm,O” entries indicate that the provider is available from 9:30 to 12:30 in the “O” location, the Office. Note that you can have more than one stretch of time per day, so a provider can work multiple shifts with scheduled breaks. You can press F5Shift Right to access more shifts.

Note: When adding IN and OUT times, you are opening a window in a provider’s day. If the provider is scheduled to leave at 5:00pm, as shown for Thursday above, then the last appointment sam can schedule on that day will be around 4:50pm, depending on the visit length.

Optionally, Use the “Week” or “Any” Fields

If a provider has the same hours for the entire work week (Monday through Friday), or for every day (Monday through Sunday), you can save time by using the “Week” or “Any” lines at the bottom of the screen.

These options are especially useful if you are setting up a Hospital profile, or other profile that will later be used for specifically chosen dates in scrod. You can set the “Any” start time for a hospital profile to 11am, for example, and then use scrod to apply the hospital profile to the dates on which the provider starts at 11am.


F1 – Save Changes

Continue to the Next Provider or the Next Profile, or Quit

If you need to make additional changes, either to a different provider or a different set of hours, repeat the steps above. Press F12 to Quit.

Edit Each Profile in Turn: While viewing one profile, you can flip among other profiles by pressing the Page Down or Page Up keys. The bottom of the screen displays which profile you are currently editing:

Assign Profiles

After you enter and save a provider’s new hours, you must run scrod and tell Partner on what dates each provider is working each profile.

A profile is only a collection of IN and OUT times. The Provider Calender (scrod) program assigns those times to dates.

  • Last modified: November 16, 2018