Change the Responsible Party for Charges

If you post a visit before your practice has entered the new insurance card information on an account, you will need to use oops to update the responsible party for the charges and then rebatch a claim.

Follow this procedure:

Update Patient Insurance Information

Confirm that the patient has been updated with the correct insurance information. The insurance screen for an account can be found in notjane, checkin, checkout or by running policy.

Run oops For the Account


F4 – Insurance Status

Select Charges for the Visit

Enter the item numbers of those procedures that were posted to the wrong insurance company. Alternatively, you can select charges by claim ID or by visit date.

Press F5

On the Insurance Status screen, press F5Make All Insurance.

Select Responsible Party

Pick the new insurance company from the list and press Enter.

Optional: Change Copay Amount

If necessary, press Tab and change the listed copay amount.

Press F1Save Changes.

Rebatch Claim

Back on the main oops screen, press F3Batch Claim. Do this for either a paper or electronic claim. Read Generate Claims for more information.

Select Charges to Rebatch

Enter the item numbers of the procedures that need to be resubmitted and press Enter.

  • Last modified: April 15, 2016