Bold, Italic and Font Size Printer Control Codes

Partner has some of the same font and formatting capabilities as a word processor. Just as you can add Partner variables to your form letters that will change into account or patient information, you can add printer control codes that will change into an instruction for the printer to change font size or switch to bold or italic type-setting. You can use these codes to turn a boring form letter or crowded encounter form into a clean, readable, and professional looking document.

Using Printer Control Codes

All printer control codes begin and end with the sequence \001. Whenever the printing system sees those characters in a letter, it will change the printing style of your form letter.

You should finish write or editing your document before you add control codes. Create the letter first, then go back through it and insert control codes.

Control Code Example: Make Text Appear in Bold Typeface

Select a Letter

Open your form letter (or other Partner-printed document). From waffle, select the letter and press F4Edit Form.

Move the Cursor to Effect Start

Use the arrow keys to position your cursor at the point where you want the text to print in bold.

Enter the Characters for Starting Bold Text:\001setEmph\001.

Move the Cursor to Effect Stop

Move your cursor to where you want bold text to stop.

Enter the Characters for Stopping Bold Text: \001resetEE\001.

Your text should now look like this:

The quick brown fox \001setEmph\001jumped over\001resetEE\001 the lazy dogs.

Save and Quit

Press F1Save to save your changes. Press F1Save and Quit to exit waffle.

Test Your Work

When you next print your form letter, the text between the two codes will appear bold:

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs.

Arranging Text on Your Form: The bold text code, “\001setEmph\001” takes up 15 spaces on your screen. Those 15 spaces will be ignored when your form letter is printed. That makes it difficult to line up the text in your form letter. While designing your form letter or encounter form, remember that the control codes will be removed when the letter prints.

List of Printer Control Codes

Control CodeDescription
\001setEmph\001Start bold or “Emphasized” printing
\001resetEE\001Stop bold or “Emphasized” printing
\001strtItl\001Start italics
\001stopItl\001Stop italics
\001setSups\001Start Super script
\001setSubs\001Start Sub script
\001resetSu\001Stop super or sub script
\001strtUnd\001Start underline
\001stopUnd\001Stop underline
\001nm10cpi\001Start 10 characters per inch (normal)
\001nm12cpi\001Start 12 characters per inch (small)
\001nm17cpi\001Start 17 characters per inch (smaller)

  • Last modified: March 14, 2016