Billing a PCC EHR Visit Overview

While charting a visit in PCC EHR, you can use the Bill feature to edit an electronic encounter form and send procedures and diagnoses to the Partner billing system for patient checkout. The sections below describe the billing procedure, how to review what was billed, and how to configure the electronic encounter form.

Watch a Video: Watch Billing in PCC EHR to learn how to fill out the electronic encounter form and send diagnoses and procedures to the Partner billing system.

How Will You Use It?:

The Bill window and electronic encounter form are optional features in PCC EHR. You may continue to use a paper encounter form instead, or in addition to, the PCC EHR Billing screen.

PCC EHR’s Bill window delivers procedures and diagnoses to the Partner system. If you use your paper encounter form to schedule follow-up appointments, indicate copayment, or perform other intra-office communication, you may need to use a different organizational tool to alter your office’s workflow. Contact PCC Support to chat about your needs.

  • Last modified: August 4, 2015