Assign Profiles to Specific Dates for Partner’s SAM Scheduler (scrod)

The scrod program, sometimes called the “Provider Schedule/Profile Assignment” program, tells the Partner scheduling system when providers work. scrod is a calendar on which you schedule when a provider works their regular hours, works hospital hours or some other special profile, works “strange hours,” or takes a day off.

Appointment Book or SAM Scheduling?: This article covers the Provider Schedule (scrod) tool for the text-based, Partner SAM scheduler. In PCC EHR, you can update each clinician’s calendar in the Provider Hours tool. For information on configuring the Appointment Book, read Configure the Appointment Book.

Run Partner Scrod

Follow this procedure to open a scrod calendar.

When do I use profile, when do I use scrod?: The profile program edits provider IN and OUT times, which are saved as profiles. The scrod program determines which profile a provider works on each date in the calendar. scrod also lets you make one-day changes and override the profiles with strange hours. If a provider is permanently changing their in-and-out schedule, run profile. If a provider is going to be out of the office next Thursday, run scrod.

Select the Providers’ Work Calendar

Run scrod from the Scheduling Configuration window or by typing scrod at a command prompt.

Enter a Date

On the opening screen of scrod, enter the month, day, and year you wish to edit. The current date is shown by default.

Optional: Choose a Scheduling Group

If you work for a large, multi-office practice, you may need to select which office’s schedule you wish to edit. If you use the same calendar for all of your practice’s providers, you can skip this step.


F1 – Enter Schedule

Press F1 to continue. To quit scrod from this screen, press F12.

Enter Profiles

The scrod calendar view will appear, showing you the week of the date you entered. Your cursor will move to your chosen date, and you can begin to assign profiles for each provider.

Read and Review the Schedule in Partner Scrod

The scrod calendar shows seven days at a time in columns across the screen. Each active provider is listed on the left hand side of the screen. Press Page Up or Page Down to scroll through the weeks. If you have more active providers than will fit on the screen, you can press F3Scroll Forward or F2Scroll Back to view the entire list.

Dates are listed across the top of the screen. Providers are listed in a column on the left. The cells of the table show which profile each provider works on each date.

The Default profile is listed at the top of the screen, directly under each date. If a provider’s profile for any date is “Def,” then the provider is working the Default profile shown at the top of that column. In the image above, most providers are working the default profile, in this case their “Regular” hours. However, Dr. Crusher is out for the week and is marked as “Off.”

In addition to the Default profile or Off, you may see other profiles or strange hours:

In the example above, on Monday, October 2nd, the default profile (Def) is assigned to Dr. Blevins and Dr. Bugles. They will work their Regular hours. Dr. Crusher is working Hospital (H) hours with her “Rounds” profile. Dr. Doom is working strange hours, which you can set using F2Strange Hours (see below). Nurse Hoolihan is off (O) on Monday.

Although your office’s profile and provider names will differ, this key can help you understand the possible entries for each cell:

If the Entry Says: Then the Provider Works:
Def The default profile, which is listed at the top of the column. This may be Regular, Off, or any other profile.
R Regular Regular hours, stored in the Regular profile
Strange Strange hours, entered in scrod using F4Strange Hours (see below for instructions)
O Off or V Vacation No hours. The provider is off for that date.
Other Other hours, kept in a custom profile. Common examples include the seasons (i.e. Winter) and hospital rounds (H).

Use the asterisk (*) symbol to pick from a list of profiles while working in scrod:

View the Profile

Do you need to double check what Dr. Smith’s “Winter” hours are? Are you not sure at what time each provider is “in” or “out” for each profile? You can review the hours listed for any profile used on the screen.

First, select the cell listing the profile you wish to review:

Then press F6View Profile. An image of the profile screen will appear:

Press F12 to return to the scrod screen. For information on how to edit profiles, read the Provider Profile Machine guides.

Make Changes in Scrod

In scrod, you can:

  • change the default profile for all providers,

  • assign specific profiles to each provider,

  • mark a provider as out for a day,

  • enter strange hours for a provider,

  • and assign a “provider of the day” profile.

Assign a Profile to All Providers

To assign one profile to every provider, such as the Regular or Winter profile, simply enter the abbreviation for the profile at the top of the column for that date and press Enter.

After setting the Default profile for the date, double-check that each provider row has “Def” listed for that date. Press F1Save to save your changes.

Once you have saved your changes, sam will allow scheduling on that date according to each provider’s profile.

In the above example, all provider’s who have Sunday hours in the Winter will be available in sam on the first of the month. Providers with no Sunday hours, according to their Winter profile, will not be available.

Default Can Mean "Off": The Default profile, whether it is set to Regular or Winter or some other profile, does not necessarily mean that a provider is working on that date. In the above example, many of the providers may have no Sunday hours in their Winter profile.

Time Saving Tip: PCC can help you set the default profile for every date in the future. If you set the default profile to Regular, for example, you would then only need to use scrod for different profiles, days the provider was off, or strange hours.

Assign a Profile to a Single Provider

If one provider is working a different profile, enter the profile for the appropriate date in the provider’s row and press Enter.

You can use the abbreviation for the profile, as shown above, or an asterisk (*) to pick from a list. As you press Enter, the cursor will move down through your list of providers. In the above image, Dr. Bugles will work her Morning (M) profile hours on Monday, October 2nd, while the other providers will work their Regular (R) profile hours.

Enter Days Off

To mark a provider as gone for a day, enter O for “off” or V.

Enter Strange Hours

When a provider has a meeting, or another event that causes irregular hours, move your cursor to the appropriate provider row and date column and press F4Strange Hours.

The screen will change to show a time grid:

The times and locations you enter on the grid will override the provider’s normal schedule. Press F1Save Changes to save the strange hours. You can return to this screen to make further changes by re-selecting the correct date and provider cell in scrod and pressing F4Strange Hours again.

Assign a Provider of the Day

Some practices add extra hours for a “provider of the day.” Partner has a built in provider of the day function. To use this feature, add hours to each provider’s Provider of the Day (POD) profile using the profile program. In scrod, choose the provider for each date and press F5Toggle (P)OD.

A P will appear next to the appropriate cell, indicating the provider of the day for that date.

Any provider that is marked with a P will have the hours in their Provider of the Day profile added to any other hours in their schedule. On Monday, October 2nd, Nurse Hoolihan will work both her Regular hours and any additional hours listed in her POD profile.

Save and Check Your Work

Press F1Save Changes to save your new provider schedule and quit scrod. The changes will not take effect until you press F1.

After exiting scrod, you can test your changes by scheduling sample appointments or reviewing the available times in samview or scan.

For additional help in scrod, contact PCC Software Support at 800-722-1082.

Configure Provider Order in Partner’s Scrod

You can arrange your providers so they appear in a different order on the screen. Follow this procedure to change the order of providers in scrod:

Run scrod


F4 – Reorder Provs

On the date selection screen, press F4.

Select the Provider You Wish to Move

On the “Sort Scrod Provider Listing” screen, use the up and down arrow keys to select a provider that you wish to move.


F4 – Move Provider

Press F4 to pick up the provider you have selected.

Move the Provider Up or Down

Press the up or down arrow keys to move your selected provider to a new location in the list.


F1 – replace

Press F1 or F4 to set the provider in your new selected location.


F1 – Save Order

When you are finished adjusting your provider order, press F1 to save the new order and return to the date selection screen of scrod.

  • Last modified: November 20, 2018