Assign a Billing Provider During Checkout

Partner gives you complete control of under which provider or providers charges will be billed. Do you need a visit with provider A to be billed with provider B as the supervising physician? You can use the Charge Posting (checkout) program to set the provider or assign an additional supervising provider, and you can also change the billing provider in the Correct Mistakes (oops) program.

The Attending Physician Field in checkout

When you post a charge, the billing provider is usually the provider scheduled for the appointment. Whether your office is using encounter forms or an EHR, the provider of service will appear in the upper-right corner of the charge screen:

On an insurance claim, the provider listed in this field will be both the provider of service and the billing provider. You can change the name on-the-fly, substituting it with any provider at your practice. This is normally done when one provider was scheduled for the visit but a different provider actually saw the patient or supervised the visit. Use an asterisk (*) to choose from a list of available providers:

The Billing Provider Field in checkout

An optional “Billing Provider” field may appear on the checkout screen:

This field is usually configured to show the provider of service by default, but it can be changed on-the-fly. Using the two fields, you can input both a servicing and billing provider for each visit.

If you do not see the Billing Provider field on your screen, but would like to use it at your practice, contact PCC’s Software Support team. Or, your Partner system administrator can turn on the field in the Charge and Payment Posting section of the Configuration Editor (ced).

Default Values: The Billing provider field has several default options. Contact PCC for help configuring the field.

  • Last modified: October 29, 2015