Add Special Questions to Form Letters

If Partner’s 250+ variables do not give you everything you need for your form letter, you can set up special questions that the user will answer when they generate the form letter. For example, here are some special items you might like to include that have no Partner field:

  • What date can the patient return to PE?

  • What was the amount of the returned check?

  • How much has the family agreed to pay, per-month, to work down their outstanding balance?

  • Should I greet this person as Mr., Mrs. or Ms.?

  • What color car does this person drive?

Any question can be asked, and the answer can be included anywhere in the letter as it prints.

Add a Question to Your Letter

Enter Dollar Sign ($) Variables for Questions

As you write or edit your letter, note places where information is needed for which there is no Partner variable.

Enter numbers with dollar signs ($) to indicate where the correct text will appear:

…<patname> is being excused from PE due to medical problems and
can be expected to return on or after <$1>.
<patname;%s>’s medical situation should not keep them from
participating in PE for more than <$2> weeks.

In the example above, the letter needs two questions: on what date can the patient return to gym class, and a maximum amount of time they should be kept out of class.

Return to the Letter List and Press F5

On the Letter Selection Screen, select the letter and press F5Edit Questions.

Type Questions

In the blank text box, type in the questions the computer will need to ask whenever the letter is generated. Make each question only one line long:

On what date can the patient return to PE?
What is the is the maximum number of weeks?

The answer to the first question will replace <$1> in the form letter, the answer to the second question will replace <$2>, and so on.

Save and Quit

Press F1Save to save your new questions. Then press F1Save and Quit to quit waffle.

Test Your Work

Run fame or notjane to test your new account or patient form letter. When you select the form letter to print it, Partner will ask you the two questions you entered. The answers that you type will then appear on the printed form letter(s).

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015