Add Insurance Card Images to Insurance Policies

Add scanned insurance card images to a patient’s insurance in the Policies component.

When editing a patient’s Demographics, select an insurance in the Policies component and click “Edit.”

In the Edit Policy window, click “Add Attachment”  to open the attachment tool.

Find your insurance card in Recent Documents or, if you use one, your insurance document category.

Once added, the image and image details appear in the policy window. The document can be removed from the policy or viewed by clicking the appropriate button.

If you scan both sides of an insurance card, or have more documents to include, additional documents can be added to each policy by repeating the add attachment process.

Once you’ve added an attachment, an icon will appear in the paperclip column in the Policies component, so you can tell at a glance which policies have attached images.

  • Last modified: November 2, 2023