Partner Report Catalog

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  • Partner Report Catalog

    Partner includes a wide range of reports as well as a report generator for creating custom reports.
  • Partner Configuration Reports

    If you are the Partner System Administrator for your office, you may need to organize insurance and provider groups, change which procedures and diagnoses appear on charge screens, and resolve problems with immunization configuration. PCC's support team can help you with all of these tasks, but the reports below may help you resolve the problem yourself. The reports in this category help you understand how your Partner programs are configured.
  • Demographic Reports

    When you need patient or account statistics or a list of patients based on a specific set of criteria, the demographic reports below will help. These reports can be used for long-term strategic planning, recalling patients for physicals, and understanding patient age distribution at your practice.
  • Financial Reports

    The largest category of Partner reports is financial reporting. Partner has hundreds of different reports that help you track charges and payments and report on your practice's overall financial health. Popular reports include ira, inscoar, and deposit. Two year ago, PCC added the Smart Report Suite (srs) to Partner which greatly expanded its financial reporting capability.
  • Clinical Reports

    Reports that count visit ratios and analyze what procedures you perform can be useful for making practice-planning decisions, but Partner also has a number of reports with a more clinical or medical focus.