Training Videos

  • Your PCC E-Mail and SquirrelMail

    4 minutes • 12-2016
    This video describes your PCC email address and how to login and check your email using SquirrelMail, which is included as an email service for all PCC users at your practice.

Get Started

  • SquirrelMail E-Mail Introduction

    SquirrelMail is a fast and powerful Web-based e-mail program. With SquirrelMail, you can read and send e-mail and attachments from within a Web browser, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. This manual contains an introduction to SquirrelMail.
  • Start SquirrelMail and Login

    Follow this procedure to get started:

Learn More

  • Send an E-Mail Message

    Follow the procedure below to send an e-mail message.
  • Send Message to Support

    You can send a message to PCC Support any time in any e-mail program by composing a message to support@pcc.com.
  • Read and Delete E-Mail

    On the main SquirrelMail screen, you will see the contents of your e-mail "INBOX." The most recent messages are located at the top of the list. Unread messages are shown in a bold font. The list displays the sender, date, and subject of each message.
  • Store Addresses in SquirrelMail

    You can add e-mail addresses to SquirrelMail's address book, making it faster and easier to e-mail your frequent contacts.
  • Send and Receive Attachments

    You can send and receive files attached to e-mail messages in SquirrelMail. Using an attachment, you could send a spreadsheet to your accountant or receive pictures from colleagues across the country. Follow the instructions below to either send or receive an attachment.
  • Use Folders in SquirrelMail

    If you do not delete all incoming messages immediately after reading them, or if you want to save certain messages for retrieval, you should use mail folders. The default mail folders are "INBOX," "Sent," and "Trash," but you can add your own folders and use them for any purpose you like.