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  • AniTa Window Size

    AniTa windows work just like other windows on your computer. This means you can make the window any size you like or work in full screen mode.
  • Use AniTa

    To launch AniTa, double click on the "AniTa 32" icon on your desktop.
  • Change the Host Name to Which AniTa Connects

    If your PC can not connect to Partner using the name "Partner," because you are in a remote office or have multiple networks within your office, you may need to change the host that AniTa connects to when launched. For example, a PCC support tech might tell you to switch the target from "Partner" to "" or another IP address. Follow these steps:
  • AniTa, Your Partner Window

    AniTa is a Windows PC program that provides access to Partner. PCC installs AniTa on new your PCs so you can access Partner.
  • AniTa Sounds, Fonts, and Colors

    AniTa has several special customization options.