Post Charges and Check Out Patients

Training Videos

  • Quickstart Overview: Patient Check-Out

    4 minutes • 2014
    What happens after a visit is charted and sent to billing? Watch this video to see a quick introduction to the charge posting tool in Partner.
  • Post Charges and Checkout Patients, Part I

    20 minutes • 2014
    Want to be a Partner billing expert? Watch this two-part video to learn all the charge detail and claim-level tools in the Partner checkout process.
  • Post Charges and Checkout Patients, Part II

    17 minutes • 2014
    Want to be a Partner billing expert? Watch this two-part video to learn all the charge detail and claim-level tools in the Partner checkout process.

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  • Assign a Billing Provider During Checkout

    Partner gives you complete control of under which provider or providers charges will be billed. Do you need a visit with provider A to be billed with provider B as the supervising physician? You can use the Charge Posting (checkout) program to set the provider or assign an additional supervising provider, and you can also change the billing provider in the Correct Mistakes (oops) program.
  • Review Posted Charges: Dailycheck

    The Daily Check program (dailycheck) lists all the visits posted on a single day or range of days. The report includes every diagnosis, procedure, amount charged and payment posted. Use dailycheck to review a day's postings and compare them against the encounter forms. Many office managers run dailycheck every evening or early the following morning.
  • Post Charges with a Snap Code

    You can use a Snap Code while posting charges to automatically select procedures and diagnoses.
  • The Partner snomedmap Report

    The Partner snomedmap program is a set of custom reports that you can use to understand the relationship between different code sets you use on your PCC system.
  • Checkout Screen Reference
    • Checkout Claim Information Screen

      Press [fkey title='F5' subtitle='Claim Info'] from the Post Charges screen to open the Claim Information screen.
    • Checkout Copay and Discount Screen

      After you enter diagnoses and procedures in checkout, press [fkey title='F2' subtitle='Copay & Discount'] from the Post Charges screen to open the Copay & Discount screen.
    • Customizable Charge Screens

      Your practice can customize the default lists of diagnoses and procedures that appear on the screen during checkout. Computer screens are too small to display the hundreds of different procedures and diagnoses that you may perform, so checkout brings up a list based on the visit reason or other criteria.
    • Checkout Demographics Screen

      The Demographics screen in checkout contains basic information about the patient. You can press Enter or Tab to reach a field and make changes. Your changes will be saved when you continue to the next step by pressing Page Down or [fkey title='F1' subtitle='Next Step'].
    • Review Eligibility During Partner Checkout

      The Eligibility page, which optionally appears in Partner checkout depending on your office's configuration, displays the patient's primary insurance policy and the most recent visit eligibility information.
    • Checkout Payments Screen

      The fourth and final step of the checkout program is the Payments screen. The Payments screen displays the previous personal balance and the new personal charges. You can review any personal payments received before checkout, add a new payment, and confirm the New Personal Balance.
    • Checkout Policies Screen

      The Policies page in checkout contains insurance information for the patient. You can add a new policy before posting charges. For information about insurance policies in Partner, read Insurance Policies.
    • Checkout Post Charges Screen Details

      After you select an appointment and complete other optional checkout steps, you will see the Post Charges screen.
    • Checkout Dates & Prices Screen

      After you enter diagnoses and procedures on the Post Charges screen during checkout, press [fkey title='F4' subtitle='Dates & Prices'] to change the provider for a specific procedure, enter service dates or hospital admission dates, or to change the price for a specific procedure.
    • Partner Checkout Screen Reference

      As you check in a patient, you can press Page Up or Page Down or F1 to cycle through each screen in checkout.
    • Checkout Wrap-Up Screen

      When you press [fkey title='F1' subtitle='Post and Print'] from the Payments screen, checkout saves the information you have entered, may print a receipt or ask if you want one printed, and shows you a wrap-up screen. Once you see the Wrap Up screen, the visit has been posted and saved.