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  • Patient Checkin Introduction

    The checkin program checks in patients. During checkin, you can update account and patient information, update insurance information, review outstanding balances, check eligibility, and post a copay payment.
  • Quickstart: Check In a Patient

    What is your office's procedure for checking in patients? Do you review their address, check their insurance information, and ask them for their copay? Whatever your procedure, checkin has tools to help you. The procedure below covers all the screens in checkin: Demographics, Additional Demographics, Eligibility, Insurance, Balance and Copay, and the optional Personal Payment screen.

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  • Post a Copay or Other Payment During Checkin

    Use the Personal Payment screen in checkin to post a copay or other payment received during checkin.
  • Review Checkin Status: Who Checked a Patient In?

    When a patient is checked in, Partner records the time of checkin, the user who checked them in, and the office location. You can view that information using [fkey title='F5' subtitle='Show Details'] in checkout.
  • Check Insurance Eligibility When Patients Check In

    Run checkin to view the latest eligibility status response for any scheduled patient. Your front desk can use checkin to review eligibility while confirming other demographic, insurance, and balance information.
  • Checkin Screen Reference
    • Additional Demographics in Checkin

      The second screen in checkin shows extra demographic information and allows you to jump into other basic Partner programs.
    • Review Copay and Balance in Checkin

      The Balance and Copay screen shows the expected copay, an aging summary of outstanding balances, and any available eligibility information for the patient. Function keys provide access to additional information and a tool for posting a copay payment.
    • Review and Update Demographics in Checkin

      The first screen in checkin shows demographic information and allows you to jump into other basic Partner programs. This screen is a great benefit to anyone using Partner, especially if they are at the front desk, answer phones, or need to use several different Partner programs with a patient at once.
    • Review Visit Eligibility Information in Checkin

      The Eligibility page, which appears in checkin when the patient has an appointment, displays the patient's primary insurance policy and the most recent visit eligibility information.
    • Review and Edit Policy Information in Checkin

      The Insurance page shows you a list of all insurance policies associated with the patient. You can review a patient's active and expired policies. You can edit, add, move, delete, or expire any policy.
    • Checkin Screens Guide

      As you check in a patient, you can press Page Up or Page Down or F1 to cycle through each screen in checkin.