Who is Your System Administrator?

The articles in this section are for your practice’s System Administrator, or the tech-savvy users at your practice who manage your computers and network.

Who is My System Administrator?

Your System Administrator is the person in your office who manages your computer hardware and software. They might not be the expert on Partner’s billing software or charting, but they are the in-office expert on your hardware, PCC Server, user accounts, and other system related issues.

The System Administrator in your office might be your office manager, a technical-savvy doctor, or any trusted staff member who has been assigned the additional responsibilities. Large, multi-office practices may have a full or part time System Administrator.

What Does a System Administrator Do?

If you are the System Administrator, here are some of the things you may be in charge of:

  • Contact PCC: You are the point-person for contacting PCC about many issues.

  • User Administration: You know how to change passwords, add users, and lock-out employee login names when they leave your practice. (Partner User Administration, PCC EHR User Administration)

  • Office Hardware: You know where all of your PCC hardware is located, such as the switch and the server, and what each piece does. You know where to plug in a new piece of equipment for your office.

  • Backups: You know how to run system image backups, which tapes to use, and what to do when a backup fails.

  • Shut Down: You can shut down your PCC Server for service or moving.

  • Purchase Hardware: You know how to select new equipment for your office and understand issues such as printer models and PC maintenance and security.

  • Last modified: January 12, 2016