Review Eligibility During Partner Checkout

You can use the Eligibility page in checkout to review and check eligibility for each of a patient’s active insurance policies.

You can review and edit eligibility status and enter notes about eligibility for the appointment, review the Partner-summarized eligibility report (if available), or send a new request for information to the insurance carrier (if they participate in real-time automated eligibility).

Read the Eligibility Screen

The eligibility step in checkout looks like this:

The top of the screen shows patient and policy information, the middle shows fields for entering status, date, and notes, and the bottom of the screen shows Partner’s summary of information sent by the insurance carrier. The date of the most recent eligibility request, along with Active/Inactive status, appears in red.

After reviewing the eligibility information on the screen or using function keys to gather more information, you may update the status, date, or notes and press F1 or Page Down to continue to the next step.

Update the Information: You can request a new eligibility report by selecting the active plan and pressing F6Request Elig. Partner will also automatically request a new eligibility report whenever a patient’s key demographic information or insurance information changes.

If a patient has more than one active policy, you can press F8Next Policy to move down the list.

Function Keys on the Eligibility Screen

F1 – Save, Next Step

Press F1 to save your changes. If you are viewing the Patient Eligibility screen in checkin, you will continue to the next step in the checkin process.

F2, F3 – Scroll Backward, Forward

If the eligibility details extend below the screen, press F2 and F3 to scroll that portion of the screen.

F4 – Edit Policies

Press F4 to visit the patient’s policy screen, where you may review or edit their insurance policies.

F5 – Edit Patient

Press F5 to visit the Patient Editor (notjane). Press F7 from notjane to edit the account.

F6 – Request Elig

Press F6 to check eligibility. If the patient’s primary insurance allows automatic eligibility requests, Partner will perform the check and update the eligibility information on the screen.

F7 – See Full Report

The screen includes a summary of the carrier’s eligibility report. To view the report, press F7.

F8 – Next Policy

If a patient has more than one active insurance policy, press F8 to move down the list and review eligibility for each policy.

  • Last modified: November 7, 2018