Report Destination Selection

Most Partner reports can be viewed on your computer screen or sent to a printer. Some reports can also be e-mailed to your Partner e-mail account or saved to a file.

The destination options for a report either appear in a section of the main options screen:

Or, they will appear on a Destination Selection screen after the main options screen:

Use the arrow keys to select the output destination you need.

While viewing some reports on the screen, you can press F4Send To... to bring up the Destination Selection screen and pick a new destination.

Destination Options

  • Screen/View on Screen: Show the report results on the screen only. Some reports will then ask if you wish to print before leaving the screen.

  • Mailbox/E-mail: E-mail the report to your Partner e-mail account or, in some reports, any e-mail address you wish. Some users use the Mailbox option to transfer a report to their PC and then load it into a spreadsheet program. Contact PCC for assistance or read the SRS section below for more information.

  • Print: Send the report output directly to a Partner printer. You can allow Partner to send the report to your default printer or enter a specific printer name. Enter an asterisk (*) in the printer name field to see a list of available printers.

  • File/srsfiles: Send the report output to a file stored on your Partner server. This option is only available in the Smart Report Suite and a few other reports. Read the SRS sections below for more information on how to control criteria and output in srs and retrieve files from the srsfiles program.

  • Save to Workstation: Transfer the report directly to your computer workstation.

Interactive Reports: Some reports can generate an interactive view, allowing you to jump around and perform operations while reviewing the report output. Read Interactive Reports for more information.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015