Quickstart: Edit an Account

Follow the procedure below to learn the basics of the Family Editor,fame.

Run fame

You can run fame from the Partner Windows or by typing fame at a command prompt.

Note: You can also run fame from within other programs, such as checkin. Run checkin for the patient, then press F3Edit Account. You can then skip to step #3.

Find an Account

Enter the family’s name, or part of the family’s name, to search for the account.

You can also search by account number, phone number, or several other criteria. To learn more, read Finding Patients and Accounts.

Make Your Changes

On the first page in fame, you can change the account’s basic demographics. Move around the screen by pressing Tab, Enter, or the arrow keys. You can also move back one field by pressing the Backspace key. If you wish, you can press Page Down to cycle through all the pages of fame.

Once you have moved the cursor to a field you wish to change, press the End key to automatically erase the current contents.


F1 – Save

Press F1 to save your changes and quit. If you do not want to save your changes, press F12 instead.

In the procedure above, you ran fame and made a small change to an account’s demographics. In the next sections, you will learn about each of the screens in the fame program. Each of them serves an important purpose.

  • Last modified: August 4, 2015