PCC EHR 6.11 Migration Considerations

PCC EHR 6.11 introduces many new features and configuration options. Use the guide below to learn about the “migration considerations,” or changes in PCC EHR 6.11 that need extra planning or configuration. Read the PCC EHR 6.11 Release Documentation for complete details on all feature updates.

Contact PCC Support at 1-800-722-1082 for information about these or any features in PCC EHR.

Add Components to Your Chart Notes for the “Mark as Reviewed” Feature

After your update, the new “Mark as Reviewed” button will appear on chart notes, underneath the Problem List, Allergies List, or chart-wide text components. You do not have to do anything to turn this feature on.

You may want to revise your protocols and add these components to more of your chart notes. For example, you can use the Protocol Builder, inside the PCC EHR Configuration Tool, to add the patient’s Problem List to any chart note protocol.

Then your clinicians will be able to take advantage of the “Mark as Reviewed” feature.

Custom Review Components: Your practice may already have a custom component or checkbox item on chart notes to record that you reviewed the Problem List or other reviewable components. After your PCC EHR 6.11 update, you may want to edit your protocols and remove those items as the component itself can now serve that function.

Past Appointments: The new “Mark as Reviewed” button will appear whenever the components appear on chart notes. If a clinician edits a chart note for a visit in the past, they will see the features and can even mark the items as reviewed, recording the current date and time in the old chart note.

Turn Off the “Mark as Reviewed Feature”

You can turn the “Mark as Reviewed” feature off for components. For example, your practice’s clinicians may like to have the Medical, Social, or Family History components appear on chart notes, but do not want the “Mark as Reviewed” feature for those components. You can use the Component Builder inside the PCC EHR Configuration Tool to turn off the “Reviewable in Visit” feature.

You can turn the “Reviewable in Visit” feature on or off at any time, and it will update the component anywhere it appears in any chart note.

Adjust Workflow and Train Staff on New Appointment Integration

After your PCC EHR 6.11 update, when your clinicians create a visit in PCC EHR the appointment will appear in Partner in the patient’s record and on your sam schedule. The appointment will appear in checkin, for your staff to manage as they would any appointment.

Workflow Implementation Considerations

  • Unusual Visits: Do your clinicians create ER visits on-the-fly, create visits for siblings while charting, or do they sometimes chart phone calls as visits? All visits will now become part of the patient and clinician’s schedule in Partner. You may want to configure your Reasons for a Visit table or make other changes to accommodate. For example, you can configure which visit reasons will generate a paper encounterform.

  • Checkout and Billing: Appointments created in PCC EHR will appear in the checkin program. Your checkout and billing staff must review the checkin appointment list in order to process those appointments. By default, your office’s checkout appointment screen only displays checked in appointments.

  • Change Your Checkin/Checkout Settings?: The lists of appointments visible in the checkin and checkout programs are customizable. If your office uses custom settings by location, user, or clinician, you may want to adjust your settings now that appointments created in PCC EHR are integrated into the Partner schedule.

  • Add Old PCC EHR Appointments to the Partner Schedule?: If your office wishes to add all historical appointments created in PCC EHR to your Partner appointment record, contact PCC Support. We can perform an optional appointment import.

Optional Appointment Checkout Feature

If your office would like visits in PCC EHR to be marked as “Gone” when the charges are posted in checkout, you can turn that feature on in the Partner Configuration Editor (ced). You can turn on the feature with question 10 of the PCC EHR section.

After your practice enables this optional feature, PCC EHR’s Schedule screen will update the Visit Status to “Gone” whenever you post an appointment’s charges in checkout.

  • Last modified: August 5, 2015