PCC 8.0 Migration Considerations

The PCC 8.0 release includes new features that may need extra planning, training, or configuration. Read below to learn more, and share relevant details with your physicians and staff.

Read the PCC 8.0 Release article for complete details on these features.

Contact PCC Support at 1-800-722-1082 for information about these or any features in PCC 8.0.

Get Ready for PCC eRx!

Your practice’s PCC EHR administrator, prescribing expert, or PCC champion should carefully review the PCC eRx 2017 Migration Considerations article. It will tell you everything you need to know to get ready for the new PCC eRx.

Implement Vaccine Inventory Management

After your PCC 8.0 update, you can adjust immunization lot statuses, quantities, and implement the new vaccine inventory tools in PCC EHR.

To implement vaccine inventory management, first use the Immunization Configuration tool to review and update all of your practice’s vaccine lots in the Lot Manager. For each lot, you can now set the status and enter lot amounts.

Negative Numbers in the Lot Manager?: After your PCC 8.0 update, you will notice that your practice’s immunization lots in the Lot Manager will have negative numbers. This is because PCC EHR now tracks all administrations and automatically decreases lot quantities. Since your lots did not have a quantity before, but you have performed many administrations, the numbers are now negative. You can fix this by editing each lot and entering an adjustment based on the original quantity of the lot.

The Report Library includes two new reports, the Vaccine Inventory Transaction Log and the Vaccine Inventory Reconciliation Worksheet, to help you with the process.

PCC recommends you review these tools, introduce them to your staff, and decide as a practice when and how to implement vaccine inventory management. As always, your Client Advocate can help you figure out how to match PCC EHR’s tools with your practice’s workflow.

Additional documentation and a Vaccine Inventory training video is coming soon.

Train Staff on Account and Patient Management in PCC EHR

Prior to the PCC 8.0 update, only users of Partner were able to add new accounts, add new patients, reassign patients to different guarantors or custodians, and edit many of the custom account-related fields. The update introduces all of these features to PCC EHR.

Your practice may wish to change your workflow around editing and updating patient and account information.

Introduce Patients and Families to Sending Images and Documents

Patient portal users can now send you images and documents through secure portal messages. You may wish to introduce this concept to families and invite them to give it a try.

Review and Configure Practice Vitals Dashboard Access

Use the User Administration tool to configure which users should be allowed to access the Practice Vitals Dashboard.

If you are part of a multiple-practice group, use PCC’s Care Center features, or for some other reason have more than one Practice Vitals Dashboard, you should review which users should have access to each dashboard.

Configure The Appointment Book for Multiple Providers

If your practice uses the new PCC EHR Appointment Book, you can now mark appropriate providers as schedulable in the User Administration tool, enter their standard and custom hours, and enter their preferred visit reason lengths.

For more information, read Appointment Book Configuration.

Adjust the Location of the Documents Component

When a visit, phone note, or other encounter has a lab result, completed form, or other document attached to it, that document appears in a Documents component on the chart note. The Documents component only appears when the encounter has an attached document.

As part of the PCC 8.0 update, you can now customize where the Documents component appears on a chart note. For example, you may choose to edit your Well Child protocols so that Documents appear earlier on the chart note.

You can edit the location of the Documents component for each protocol in the Protocol Configuration tool in the Tools menu.

Adjust the Location of the Communication Preferences and Account Demographics Components

Prior to the PCC 8.0 update, a Contact Information component included patient communication preferences and account information. Now that PCC EHR includes more account demographics editing, there are two components: Communication Preferences and Account Demographics.

Your practice can use the Protocol Configuration tool to edit the layout and positioning of components on the Demographics section of the patient’s chart. You can also edit chart note protocols to adjust or place the new components into your visit workflow.

Change Your Document Tasking Workflow

Does your practice create phone notes whenever you need to add a task to a document? PCC 8.0 supports document tasks. You can create, review, and complete tasks right on a document, without the need for an additional encounter or chart note.

If you wish to implement document tasks at your practice, review these features with your staff and plan for a practice transition to the new workflow. Your PCC Client Advocate can help.

Update Your Oldest Workstations

If staff at your practice use a workstation that is running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Ubuntu, or an out-of-date version of MacOS, you should make plans to update that workstation.

PCC 8.0 will warn these users at login that their operating system will no longer be supported after PCC 8.1.

Configure New SNOMED Diagnoses

PCC 8.0 updates your SNOMED library to the March 2017 edition. You may wish to:

  • Share New, Useful Descriptions w/ Your Clinicians: New SNOMEDs include better otitis media variations, expanded body sites for contusions, and bilateral impacted cerumen.

  • Review New BMI Descriptions: The March 2017 update replaces some BMI diagnosis descriptions. For example, “Body mass index high” and “Body mass index low” have new recommended descriptions of “Increased body mass index” and “Decreased body mass index”. The PCC 8.0 update dynamically adjusts any of your chart note protocols where renamed BMI descriptions appeared as default diagnoses. Patient historical chart records will not be adjusted.

  • Map New Favorites for Billing: After your PCC 8.0 update, you may wish to review billing configuration for new SNOMED diagnosis descriptions. Use the Billing Configuration tool to configure which ICD-10 diagnoses are mapped to each SNOMED-CT description. Read the Billing Configuration article to learn how.

  • Lock Diagnoses From Portal and Patient Reports: If your practice uses the Diagnosis Configuration tool to make certain diagnoses “locked”, or hidden from the Patient Portal and patient-facing reports, you may want to review the list of new diagnoses and make updates. For example, you may want to lock some new SNOMED-CT concepts. For more information, see Hide Sensitive Diagnoses from the Patient Portal and Patient Reports.

New Favorites Do Not Have Assisted Mapping: The 500 new SNOMED diagnosis descriptions added to the diagnosis Favorites list do not have “assisted mapping” to an ICD-10 billing code. That means that if a physician uses one of these diagnoses on a chart, the biller will need to select an appropriate ICD-10 billing code later. You can proactively assign ICD-10 codes to these new SNOMED descriptions, and review the mapping for any diagnosis, in the Billing Configuration tool. A complete list of SNOMED diagnoses that were added to the Favorites list by the 8.0 update that do not have a default ICD-10 mapping appears below. You can also download a printable PDF.

Abnormal finding on auditory function studyAbrasion of left forearmAbrasion of right forearmAbscess of left axillaAbscess of left lower eyelid
Abscess of left lower limbAbscess of left upper eyelidAbscess of right axillaAbscess of right lower eyelidAbscess of right lower limb
Abscess of right upper eyelidAcquired ptosis of eyelid of right eyeAcquired receptive language impairmentAcute atopic conjunctivitis of bilateral eyesAcute atopic conjunctivitis of left eye
Acute atopic conjunctivitis of right eyeAcute blistering eruption of skinAcute conjunctivitis of bilateral eyesAcute conjunctivitis of bilateral eyes caused by chemical substanceAcute conjunctivitis of left eye
Acute conjunctivitis of left eye caused by chemical substanceAcute conjunctivitis of right eyeAcute conjunctivitis of right eye caused by chemical substanceAcute desquamating eruption of skinAcute discoid eruption of skin
Acute eruption of skinAcute eruptive lichen planusAcute erythematous eruption of skinAcute excoriation of skinAcute exudative skin eruption
Acute follicular conjunctivitis of bilateral eyesAcute follicular conjunctivitis of left eyeAcute follicular conjunctivitis of right eyeAcute infectious conjunctivitisAcute iritis of left eye
Acute iritis of right eyeAcute myringitis of left earAcute myringitis of right earAcute non-suppurative otitis media of bilateral earsAcute non-suppurative otitis media of left ear
Acute non-suppurative otitis media of right earAcute otitis externa of bilateral earsAcute otitis externa of left earAcute otitis externa of right earAcute otitis media of left ear with effusion
Acute otitis media of right ear with effusionAcute papular eruption of skinAcute purpuric eruption of skinAcute serous otitis media of bilateral earsAcute serous otitis media of left ear
Acute serous otitis media of right earAcute suppurative otitis media of bilateral earsAcute suppurative otitis media of left earAcute suppurative otitis media of right earAcute tonsillitis caused by Streptococcus
Allergic conjunctivitis of bilateral eyesAllergic conjunctivitis of left eyeAllergic conjunctivitis of right eyeAllergic contact dermatitis of left eyelidAllergic contact dermatitis of left lower eyelid
Allergic contact dermatitis of left upper eyelidAllergic contact dermatitis of right eyelidAllergic contact dermatitis of right lower eyelidAllergic contact dermatitis of right upper eyelidAllergy to tree nut
Amblyopia of left eyeAmblyopia of right eyeAnorexia nervosa co-occurrent with dangerously low body weightAnorexia nervosa co-occurrent with significantly low body weightApnea of newborn due to neurological injury
Arthropathy of right elbowAt risk for drug therapy problemAt risk for heritable disorderAtypical Rett syndromeAvulsion of fingernail of left hand
Avulsion of fingernail of right handAvulsion of toenail of left footAvulsion of toenail of right footBaby premature at delivery 23 completed weeksBaby premature at delivery less than 23 weeks
Benign paroxysmal torticollis of infancyBilateral acute dacryoadenitisBilateral acute dacryocystitisBilateral acute iritisBilateral acute lacrimal canaliculitis
Bilateral amblyopiaBilateral calf painBilateral foot joint painBilateral red eyesBilateral sciatica
Bilious vomiting of newbornBirth asphyxia with Apgar score 5 minute Apgar score 4-6Bleeding following tonsillectomyBlepharitis of bilateral eyelids caused by staphylococcusBlepharitis of bilateral lower eyelids
Blepharitis of bilateral upper eyelidsBlepharitis of left eyelidBlepharitis of left eyelid caused by staphylococcusBlepharitis of right eyelid caused by staphylococcusBlister of lip
Brief resolved unexplained eventBullous myringitis of bilateral earsBullous myringitis of left earBullous myringitis of right earBursitis of left Achilles bursa
Bursitis of left shoulderBursitis of right Achilles bursaBursitis of right shoulderCalcaneal spur of left footCalcaneal spur of right foot
Candidiasis of noseCare plan goal achievement status unknownCare plan goal agreedCare plan goal not agreedCellulitis of both external ears
Cellulitis of finger of left handCellulitis of finger of right handCellulitis of left external earCellulitis of left forearmCellulitis of left lower limb
Cellulitis of left upper limbCellulitis of right external earCellulitis of right forearmCellulitis of right lower limbCellulitis of right upper limb
Cellulitis of toe of left footCellulitis of toe of right footChildhood cellulitis of perianal region caused by beta-hemolytic Streptococcus group AChondromalacia of right patellaChronic mood disorder
Chronic mucoid otitis media of bilateral earsChronic mucoid otitis media of left earChronic mucoid otitis media of right earChronic nonsuppurative otitis media of bilateral earsChronic nonsuppurative otitis media of left ear
Chronic nonsuppurative otitis media of right earChronic otitis media of bilateral earsCigarette smoker (1-4 cigarettes/day)Cigarette smoker (5-9 cigarettes/day)Classic onset hemorrhagic disease of the newborn due to vitamin K deficiency classic onset
Closed injury of eyeballClosed left elbow dislocationClosed left patella dislocationClosed left shoulder dislocationClosed right elbow dislocation
Closed right patella dislocationClosed right shoulder dislocationClosed subluxation left patellofemoral joint following traumaClosed subluxation right patellofemoral joint following traumaComplex wound of head
Concretion in conjunctiva of left upper eyelidConcretion in conjunctiva of right upper eyelidContusion of brain due to birth traumaContusion of cerebellum due to birth traumaContusion of finger of left hand
Contusion of finger of right handContusion of globe of left eyeContusion of globe of right eyeContusion of left ankleContusion of left forearm
Contusion of left hip regionContusion of left thighContusion of left toeContusion of left upper armContusion of right ankle
Contusion of right forearmContusion of right hip regionContusion of right thighContusion of right toeContusion of right upper arm
Crush injury of finger of left handCrush injury of finger of right handCyst of bilateral ovariesCyst of faceCyst of kidney
Cyst of lateral meniscus of left kneeCyst of lateral meniscus of right kneeCyst of neckCyst of prepuceDacryocystitis of bilateral lacrimal sacs
Dacryocystitis of left lacrimal sacDacryocystitis of right lacrimal sacDark yellow urineDecline in functional statusDecreased mobility of tympanic membrane
Dental caries due to fluorine deficiencyDerangement of lateral meniscus of left kneeDerangement of lateral meniscus of right kneeDerangement of medial meniscus of left kneeDerangement of medial meniscus of right knee
Derangement of meniscus of left knee jointDerangement of meniscus of right knee jointDevelopmental delay of fine motor functionDiabetic on non-insulin injectable medicationDiscontinued medication without order
Disruptive mood dysregulation disorderDysfunction of bilateral eustachian tubesEarly childhood developmental disabilityEczema of scalpEczematous dermatitis of bilateral eyelids
Edema of left eyelidEdema of right eyelidEffusion of right knee jointElectronic cigarette userEsophoria of bilateral eyes
Esophoria of left eyeEsophoria of right eyeExophoria of bilateral eyesExophoria of left eyeExophoria of right eye
Exotropia of right eyeFailure of lactation with attachment difficultyFailure to thrive in neonateFetus or newborn infection caused by Anaerobic bacteriumFetus or newborn infection caused by bacterium
Fetus or newborn infection caused by Escherichia coliFetus or newborn infection caused by fungusFetus or newborn infection caused by Staphylococcus aureusFetus or newborn infection caused by Streptococcus group BFever with infection
Fluorine deficiencyForeign body in left corneaForeign body in left earForeign body in right corneaForeign body in right ear
Foreign body on left external eyeForeign body on right external eyeFoul smelling urineFuruncle of left lower limbFuruncle of right axilla
Furuncle of right lower limbGastroesophageal reflux in childGastrointestinal infectionHand muscle strainHeadache due to injury of head and neck
Hordeolum externum of lower eyelid of right eyeHordeolum externum of upper eyelid of left eyeHordeolum externum of upper eyelid of right eyeHordeolum internum of left eyeHordeolum internum of right eye
Hordeolum internum of upper eyelid of right eyeHypoxemic respiratory failureIdiopathic short statureImpacted cerumen of bilateral earsInfant dyschezia
Infant gastrointestinal regurgitationInfection of bilateral earsInfection of diaper areaInfection of left earInfection of right ear
Infection of skin of eyelid and periocular regionInfection of upper respiratory tract caused by fungusInfective otitis externa of bilateral earsInfective otitis externa of left earInfective otitis externa of right ear
Influenza caused by pandemic influenza virusInfluenza caused by seasonal influenza virusIngestion of toxic substanceInjury due to activity involving bicycle ridingInjury of finger of left hand
Injury of finger of right handInjury of left earInjury of left elbow regionInjury of left footInjury of left forearm
Injury of left handInjury of left hip regionInjury of left lower legInjury of left upper armInjury of left wrist
Injury of right earInjury of right elbow regionInjury of right footInjury of right forearmInjury of right hand
Injury of right hip regionInjury of right lower legInjury of right upper armInjury of right wristInjury of rotator cuff
Injury of toe of left footInjury of toe of right footIritis of bilateral eyesIritis of left eyeIritis of right eye
Laceration of chinLaceration of fascia of headLaceration of finger of left handLaceration of finger of right handLaceration of head without foreign body
Laceration of left ear regionLaceration of left footLaceration of left thighLaceration of muscle of headLaceration of neck with foreign body
Laceration of neck without foreign bodyLaceration of right ear regionLaceration of right footLaceration of right thighLarge for gestational age newborn
Left side sciaticaLesion of left eyelidLocalized swelling of headLocked joint of right kneeLump in bilateral breasts
Minimal depressionMinimal major depressionMinimal major depression single episodeMinimal recurrent major depressionModerately severe depression
Moderately severe major depressionModerately severe major depression single episodeModerately severe recurrent major depressionModerate underweight in infancy childhood and adolescenceMucopurulent conjunctivitis of bilateral eyes
Mucopurulent conjunctivitis of left eyeMucopurulent conjunctivitis of right eyeNeonatal difficulty in feeding at breastNeonatal effect of maternal postpartum depressionNeonatal gastroesophageal reflux
Nicotine userNon-infective neonatal diarrheaNon-ulcerative sexually transmitted infection caused by Chlamydia trachomatisNonvenomous insect bite of left hand with infectionNonvenomous insect bite of right hand with infection
Open bite of headOpen bite wound of neckOpen wound of forearm due to cat biteOpen wound of forearm due to dog biteOpen wound of hand due to cat bite
Open wound of hand due to dog biteOral cystOtalgia of left earOtalgia of right earOtitis externa of bilateral ears
Otitis media caused by Streptococcus pneumoniaeOtitis media of bilateral earsOtorrhea of bilateral earsOtorrhea of left earOtorrhea of right ear
Pain in bilateral lower legsPain in finger of left handPain in finger of right handPain in fingers of bilateral handsPain of bilateral eyes
Pain of bilateral forearmsPain of bilateral handsPain of bilateral lower limbs co-occurrent and due to ischemiaPain of bilateral thighsPain of bilateral upper limbs
Pain of joint of bilateral lower legsPain of joint of left footPain of joint of left lower legPain of joint of right footPain of joint of right lower leg
Pain of left acromioclavicular jointPain of left ankle jointPain of left calfPain of left elbow jointPain of left eye
Pain of left handPain of left heelPain of left hip jointPain of left lower limb co-occurrent and due to ischemiaPain of left shoulder blade
Pain of left shoulder jointPain of left temporomandibular jointPain of left thighPain of left wristPain of right acromioclavicular joint
Pain of right ankle jointPain of right calfPain of right elbow jointPain of right eyePain of right forearm
Pain of right lower limb co-occurrent and due to ischemiaPain of right shoulder bladePain of right shoulder jointPain of right temporomandibular jointPain of right thigh
Pain of right wristPain of toe of left footPain of toe of right footPain of toes of bilateral feetParonychia of finger of left hand
Paronychia of finger of right handParonychia of fingers of bilateral handsParonychia of left thumbParonychia of right thumbParonychia of toe of left foot
Paronychia of toe of right footPerennial allergic conjunctivitis of bilateral eyesPerforation of cornea of left eyePerforation of cornea of right eyePerforation of dental restoration
Perforation of intestine co-occurrent and due to meconium ileusPerforation of tympanic membrane of bilateral ears due to otitis mediaPerforation of tympanic membrane of left ear due to otitis mediaPeriorbital edema of left eyePeriorbital edema of right eye
Postprocedural infectionRecurrent acute otitis media of bilateral earsRed left eyeRed right eyeRepetitive strain injury of left ankle
Repetitive strain injury of left footRepetitive strain injury of left thighRepetitive strain injury of right ankleRepetitive strain injury of right footRepetitive strain injury of right thigh
Repetitive strain injury of upper limbRight side sciaticaRupture of left Achilles tendonRupture of right Achilles tendonRupture of right tympanic membrane due to otitis media
Second degree burn of left handSecond degree burn of right handSerous otitis media of bilateral earsSevere acute respiratory syndrome of upper respiratory tractSevere underweight in infancy childhood and adolescence
Sexually transmissible infection caused by Herpes simplex virusSexually transmissible infection caused by Human papillomavirusSexually transmissible infection caused by Molluscum contagiosum virusSlow weight gainSpasm of muscle of left calf
Spasm of muscle of right calfSpontaneous rupture of bilateral tympanic membranes co-occurrent and due to acute suppurative otitis mediaSpontaneous rupture of left tympanic membrane co-occurrent and due to acute suppurative otitis mediaSpontaneous rupture of right tympanic membrane co-occurrent and due to acute suppurative otitis mediaSprain of finger of left hand
Sprain of finger of right handSprain of interphalangeal joint of finger of left handSprain of interphalangeal joint of finger of right handSprain of left acromioclavicular ligamentSprain of left foot
Sprain of left handSprain of right acromioclavicular ligamentSprain of right footSprain of right thumbSprain of tibiofibular ligament of left ankle
Sprain of tibiofibular ligament of right ankleStiffness of joint of left handStiffness of joint of right handStiffness of left ankleStiffness of left knee
Stiffness of left shoulderStiffness of left wristStiffness of right ankleStiffness of right kneeStiffness of right shoulder
Stiffness of right wristStrain of flexor muscle of left hipStrain of flexor muscle of right hipStrain of jawStrain of left Achilles tendon
Strain of left quadriceps muscleStrain of muscle of anterior chest wallStrain of muscle of left groin regionStrain of muscle of right groin regionStrain of muscle of wrist
Strain of right Achilles tendonStrain of right quadriceps muscleStrain of tendon of left wristStrain of tendon of wristStrain of toe
Stricture of male urethral meatus following circumcisionSubluxation of radial head of left elbowSubluxation of radial head of right elbowSubungual hematoma of finger of left handSubungual hematoma of finger of right hand
Subungual hematoma of left thumbSubungual hematoma of right thumbSuitable for telehealth monitoringSuperficial bite of scalpSuperficial dehiscence of wound
Superficial foreign body of skin of left footSuperficial foreign body of skin of left handSuperficial foreign body of skin of right footSuperficial foreign body of skin of right handSuperficial injury of left eye
Superficial injury of right eyeSuppurative otitis media of left earSuppurative otitis media of right earSynovitis of joint of right kneeTobacco smoking in mother complicating childbirth
Tobacco smoking in mother complicating pregnancyTobacco smoking in mother complicating puerperiumTobacco use in mother complicating pregnancyTobacco use in mother complicating puerperiumTransgender identity
Ulcer of cornea of bilateral eyesUlcer of cornea of left eyeUlcer of cornea of right eyeUnder immunizedVaccination record unavailable
Victim of child neglectVictim of infant neglectViral fever
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