Partner 6.1 Update

In October of 2011, PCC will release Partner 6.1, a maintenance release which also includes two important popular user requests.

6.1? Why the Number Change?: PCC has moved both of its product suites, PCC EHR and the Partner Practice Management system, to the same release number: 6.1 for October 2011. This change eliminates the confusion of having two version numbers for each release, as feature changes often involve integration between the two products.

Contact PCC Support at 1-800-722-1082 for information about these or any features in Partner.

Partner 6.1

Find New Patients and Families in Your First Search

After adding a new account or patient to Partner, they will be immediately available when searching. Partner no longer needs a “Check New List”, which held accounts and patients until the following day.

If you change a patient or family’s name during the day, both the old and new name will still be available as you search. Old names are removed from the search index overnight.

Procedure Units in Dailycheck

The [link href="../partner/CheckoutPatients/CheckoutDailycheck.htm"]dailycheck[/link] report is a great tool for reviewing posted charges at the end of the day or the following morning. Procedure unit numbers now appear in dailycheck, making it clear how many units were posted for each procedure.

Unposted ERA Detection for Autoposting

PCC Support now has the ability to track autoposting at your practice and remind you if you have not posted your ERAs or printed out your manual reports for a specified length of time. Chat with PCC Support (800-722-1082) if you think this extra warning would be useful for your practice.

Insurance Eligibility is Ready for 5010

On January 1st, 2012, the new 5010 standards will go into effect for all insurance companies. Partner 6.1 includes infrastructure to support insurance eligibility checking in the 5010 format.

Partner 6.1 also includes numerous under-the-hood changes to help us communicate with insurance payors in the new 5010 format.

Minor Bug Fixes and Other Changes in 6.1

  • When you edit a patient’s insurance policy and decide to make the same changes to all siblings, Partner now only displays those patients who share the same policy.
  • The pam screen for linking personal payments to charges now displays the correct provider. All funds posted in pam were still linked to the correct provider, but the screen sometimes displayed the incorrect provider. This no longer occurs.
  • The Normal view in the Scheduler no longer gets confused when displaying retired provider initials.
  • The appts report now includes visits converted from Office Practicum and other imported appointment data. (Formerly, the visits were not displayed if no Date Scheduled was recorded.)
  • Last modified: August 5, 2015