Interactive Reports

Some reports allow you to expand their output to view more information, and they provide function keys to jump directly into other Partner programs. These interactive reports are very powerful. For example, the Insurance Accounts Receivable Detail (inscoar) report can show you detailed visit information for all accounts that have a balance pending Aetna that is over 90 days old. If you run the report in “Interactive” mode, you can jump into more visit details, examine the account history, generate a new claim to Aetna, and make corrections, all without leaving the report!

To learn more about interactive reports, read Insurance Accounts Receivable Detail (inscoar) or The Personal Money Tracking Assistant (persview). Those two reports can introduce you to interactive report tools. Other reports that you can run in “Interactive” mode include Account History (tater) and Daily Check (dailycheck).

  • Last modified: April 12, 2016