ICD-10 Launch Problems and Solutions

ICD-10 arrived on October 1st, 2015. Insurance claims for visits after that date will use ICD-10 codes to describe diagnoses.

PCC anticipates launch problems for insurance carriers and state medicaid agencies across the country. For example, several states will be performing their own translation from ICD-10 back to ICD-9 before evaluating remittance, and such translations will inevitably result in undesirable results.

We’ve set up a spreadsheet to track problems and solutions with ICD-10, particularly as relates to claim rejection and payment.

  • What codes are being rejected by what payors, and why?
  • What solutions are carriers providing, and what can you do to adjust your submissions and get paid?

PCC’s certified coder, Jan Blanchard will be monitoring these problems as they arise and keeping the spreadsheet up-to-date. Take a look, and send us your own discoveries and additions!

Click Here to Visit PCC’s “ICD-10 Carrier Problems and Resolutions” Spreadsheet

  • Last modified: November 6, 2015